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~Finding the Height of a Tree~

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1 ~Finding the Height of a Tree~

2 Hypothesize: How will we find the height of a tree? What role do triangles play in finding unknown heights and measurements?

3 ~Measurements~

4 ~ SOH CAH TOA~ Sine = opposite hypotenuse Cosine= adjacent
Tangent= opposite

5 ~Height of Tree~ Question 1:
A tree has a shadow 35 feet long. You are sitting at the end of the shadow and look up at the tree at a 30 degree angle. What is the height of the tree?

6 ~ Atlanta Skyscraper~ Question 2: A skyscraper in Atlanta is 700 feet tall. The building casts a shadow of 950 feet. If you are sitting at the end of the shadow what angle (θ) do you look up at to see the top of the building?

7 ~ Distance from Sun to the Earth~
Question 3 You have a friend in Texas who calls you on his cell-phone at exactly 12 noon. He says he is standing directly under the sun. You are standing on the East Coast with a meter stick at 12 noon, and you notice that the meter stick casts a shadow of 1 cm. You know that you are exactly 3000 km away from your friend. How far is the sun from the earth in kilometers and/or feet?


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