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AHSGE History I.

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1 AHSGE History I

2 What colony was the least tolerant of religious diversity?

3 What system of labor replaced indentured servitude?

4 What man organized the first Quaker colony?

5 What is another name for a king and queen?

6 What name was given to colonies which had a governor appointed by the king?

7 What name was given to the first colonist controlled legislature?

8 These people exchanged work without wages for passages to the New World.

9 Name given to the people who left the 13 colonies to travel west.

10 What was the first cash crop of the English colonies?

11 This colonist is sometimes called
“the first American”.

12 Another name for the trading of goods.

13 The colonies were divided into 3 groups.
Name them:

14 This colonist is known for his support of freedom of religion.

15 Name the agreement made by some colonists that they would make and obey their own laws.

16 What country had to give up much of its territory in the new world because it lost the French and Indian War?

17 This was an economic policy used by European monarchs to enrich their country by expanding trade in a way that benefited the mother country.

18 This explorer searched Florida for the “fountain of youth”.

19 What part of the New World was claimed by the Russians?

20 This present-day city was previously called New Amsterdam and was settled by the Dutch.

21 What war was fought because of a conflict between the French fur-traders and the English settlers in the Ohio River Valley?

22 What name was given to English people who wished to break away from the Anglican Church also called the Church of England. Sometimes called Separatists.

23 What name was given to the first group of English colonists who settled in America?

24 This person tried to establish the first English colony in America at Roanoke Island.

25 Name the first person to explore the New World for England.

26 Name the explorer whose ships were named the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

27 Which country’s colonies desired to export gold and silver?
A. England B. France C. Spain

28 These structures were built by the Spanish as a means of spreading Christianity to Native Americans.

29 What is probably the most famous mission in the Southwest?

30 What country claimed the area around the Great Lakes and the St
What country claimed the area around the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River?

31 How did most people in New France make a living?

32 What is the Spanish navy called?

33 What name is given to the English legislature?

34 What document first limited the power of English kings?

35 What king was forced to sign the Magna Carta?

36 What language was spoken in the Roman Empire?

37 Name the 2 groups that the modern English language traces its roots from.

38 A society’s language, dress, religion makes up that society’s ________.

39 What word means worshipping one god?

40 Name the land bridge crossed by the first people arriving in North America.

41 From what continent did the first people living in North America come?

42 Who were the earliest Europeans in North America?

43 Who were the first people to inhabit North America?

44 Name the first written colonial constitution.

45 What is the Indian name for corn?

46 What part of Africa did most slaves come from?

47 The practice of giving money to pay church expenses.

48 The name given to the Jamestown colony in the winter of 1609-1610.

49 This persons teachings included the concept of predestination.

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