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Alabama Department of Education WebEx # 2 November 3, 2011.

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1 Alabama Department of Education WebEx # 2 November 3, 2011

2 Phase II Training Alabama Explorations Guides: Mathematics Training Opportunities LEA Team Selection Resources for Analyzing Standards

3 Phase I PD Topics Components of the Course of Study High School Course Progressions/Pathways Standards for Mathematical Practice Literacy Standards for Grades 6-12 Domains of Study and Conceptual Categories Learning Progressions/Trajectories Addressing Content Gaps Early Entry Algebra I Phase II PD Topics Analyzing the Standards Examples of Units of Study Including Formative Assessment And Differentiating Instruction for RtI Ideas Building Capacity of Elementary/Middle/High Teachers Resources: Other States and Organizations Early Entry Algebra I Phase III PD Topics Designed for continuous support based on LEAs needs 2010 Alabama Course of Study: Mathematics (Mathematics Standards) Professional Development Timeline

4 © 2010 Wisconsin Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) School Improvement Services Permission is granted to the Alabama Department of Education for dissemination and use in any whole or part in any form within the Alabama Department of Education region.

5 1. Understand the foundation of 2010 Alabama Course of Study: Mathematics 2. Understand the critical focus areas and conceptual categories 3. Explore the grade level and course standards 4. Explore mathematical understanding 5. Explore vertical alignment in the mathematics standards 6. Reflect on implications to classroom practice 5

6 PurposeAgenda and Activities 1) To understand the underpinnings of Alabamas 2010 COS: Mathematics Background and Foundations of the Standards SDE Phases and Timeline 2) To understand the critical focus areas by grade level Exploring Grade Level Intent Activity #1Grade-Level Intent 3) To explore the grade-level standards Exploring the Structure of the Standards Activity #2Content Standards Structure Activity #4Domains (Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4) Exploring Standards for Mathematical Practices Activity #3Standards for Mathematical Practice 4) To explore mathematical understanding Exploring Mathematical Understanding Activity #5Mathematical Understanding Exploring the Expectations for Understanding Activity #6Expectations of Understanding 5) To learn how to explore the 2010 COS: Mathematics Exploring Two Standards Activity #7Exploring Two Standards Exploring Vertical Connections Activity #8Exploring Vertical Connections Exploring Lenses on the Standards Activity (Grades 9-12)Vocabulary, Student-Friendly Language, and Math Practices 6) To reflect on implications to your practice Determining Implications and Action Steps Activity #9Determining Implications Activity #10Determining Next Steps

7 Your LEA teacher leaders are needed. Our focus is to learn HOW to explore these standards. All standards will not be explored in the training. You will be given a process that can be duplicated in your school. Explorations Guides training prepares teachers for the curriculum alignment training that will follow as a separate part of Phase II training. 7

8 Alabama College- and Career-Ready Standards for Mathematics are a major change with major implications.

9 Change requires energy… Leaders alone cannot provide all of the needed energy. (Reeves, 2006)

10 Leaders are responsible for building the capacity in individuals, teams, and organizations to be leaders and learners. Stephanie Hirsh and Joellen Killion, 2007, p. 25


12 Grade-Specific Leaders: Who are respected by their peers Who see the current big picture in mathematics as favorable Who communicate well with others Who excel in knowing their content Who implement student engagement strategies Who have had success in developing and delivering professional development

13 Leadership Team Professional Development Coordinator Principals Math Coach Math Curriculum Coordinator Lead Math Teachers

14 System Leadership Leadership Team All Teachers Select Engage Empower Develop Training Deliver Training Effective Classroom Instruction Teachers, Content, Students, Effective Strategies Think With the End in Mind

15 Why does the SDE want each LEA to have a Math Leadership Team? A working partner for the purpose of: Building a pipeline Communication Better support for LEAs


17 North Central South

18 The Navigation links connect you to many different informational options.

19 Professional interpretation of each mathematics standard in a web-based dynamic database tool that describes … What student work might look like Key vocabulary for teacher understanding Knowledge expected within the standard Skills expected within the standard Conceptual understandings expected within the standard … and provides open architecture for local curriculum work. Available Spring 2012 College- and Career-Ready Standards Alabamas


21 Cindy Freeman, Curriculum and Instruction

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