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Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations

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1 Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations

2 Classification of Organism
Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus species

3 General Information/Characteristics
Add any information you found interesting to share with your classmates.

4 Symmetry What type of symmetry does your organism have?
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the organism’s symmetry.

5 Habitat Where does the organism live?
Treetops, caves, ponds, etc What ecosystem does your organism live in?

6 Niche What role does the organism fulfill in its habitat?
How does it survive? Is it an autotroph/heterotroph (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore)?

7 Symbiosis Explain one symbiotic relationship that your organism will have with another species. Mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, competition

8 Food Chain Make a food chain that includes your organism.
Tell the trophic level of your organism in the food chain you made.

9 Predators and Prey What, if any, predators does your organism have.
What organisms does your organism prey upon?

10 Adaptations What physical adaptations does your organism have that enable it to survive in its natural environment. For example, camouflage, coloring, mimicry, long legs or beak, shell, etc. What are some of its behavioral adaptations?

11 Interactions with Humans
How does your organism have an impact on humans. How do humans have an affect on your organism? Is the interaction you described positive or negative for the organism/people?

12 Presentation Prepare to present to classmates.
Pictures should be added wherever possible.

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