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From Exploring the Titanic

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1 From Exploring the Titanic
A Floating Layer Cake of Social Classes By Robert D. Ballard

2 The Titanic “Unsinkable” luxury cruise ship
Began it’s maiden voyage April 10, 1912 Layers of the ship divided guests based on background, wealth, and education

3 Social Classes of the Titanic
Manual workers Third-class passengers Second-class passengers First-class passengers

4 The Floating Layer Cake
Layers of the ship are like the layers of a cake Layers are made up of different social classes Lower class stays on the bottom layer Middle class sits in the middle area Upper class is the icing on the layers

5 Social Values and the Titanic
The upper class passengers had more beautiful accommodations. The lower class passengers were placed in very basic accommodations.

6 Social Values Society treated lower class people with very little respect. Wealthy people were placed at a higher level of respect in society. Gates were locked on the ship between the levels to keep the classes separated. Traditionally, society separates the classes and provides little interaction between the different classes.

7 Passengers of the Titanic
Due to location on the ship, first class passengers had better access to the life boats. It has been argued that lower class passengers did not have the same chances of survival because they were less important.

8 Conclusion The Titanic passenger
structure is very much like society’s socioeconomic classes. Society separates the lower class from the upper class with different obstacles just like the Titanic’s barricades separated the classes on the ship.

9 Works Cited Statistics and Pictures Titanic Pictures

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