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Human Anatomy & Physiology Instructor: Jeff Hargett Biology 2121.

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1 Human Anatomy & Physiology Instructor: Jeff Hargett Biology 2121

2 Important Information Email: Background: Full-Time Experience 28 years (Rome High) Part-Time Experience 12 years (Floyd College) Syllabus: On the web at: smpe/biology/jhargett/hargett.htm smpe/biology/jhargett/hargett.htm

3 Introduction: Anatomy Study of the structure of living organisms surface anatomy gross anatomy embryology cytology histology

4 Physiology Study of the function of body parts cell physiology pathophysiology exercise physiology immunology

5 Body Systems Integumentary system- external support and protection of the body Skeletal system - internal support and flexible framework for body movement Muscular system - production of body movement and body heat Respiratory system- gas exchange between environment and blood

6 Nervous system- controls and regulates all other systems of the body Circulatory - transport of nutrients to body cells and waste products away from cells Lymphatic system- body immunity and absorption of fats Endocrine system- secretion of hormones

7 Urinary system - blood filtration and waste removal Digestive system- breakdown and absorption of food Reproductive system - production of egg and sperm as well as secretion of the sex hormones

8 Organization of Life Structural Levels chemical cellular tissue organs organ systems

9 What is Life? Characteristics of Life Organization Metabolism catabolism anabolism Responsiveness Movement Growth Differentiation Reproduction Homeostasis

10 “Homeostasis” Constancy Within Narrow Limits

11 Feedback Loops Negative feedback systems reverses original stimulus helps stabilize situation Positive feedback systems enhancement of original stimulus amplify/reinforce change

12 Anatomical Terminology Antatomical Position Regional Terms Axial Appendicular

13 Body Planes Sagittal Midsagittal (Median) Parasagittal Frontal (Coronal) Transverse (Cross Section) Oblique


15 Body Cavities Dorsal Cranial Vertebral (Spinal) Ventral Thoracic Right & Left Pleural Mediastinum (Pericardial) Abdominopelvic


17 Abdominopelvic Subdivisions Abdominal Pelvic Quadrants Regions Epigastric Umbilical Hypogastric Right & Left Hypochondriac Right & Left Lumbar Right & Left Iliac (inguinal)


19 Directional Terminology Superior / Inferior Anterior (ventral) / Posterior (dorsal) Medial / Lateral / Intermediate Proximal / Distal Superficial / Deep

20 Regional Terms Abdominal - anterior torso below diaphragm Antebrachium - forearm Antecubital - Depressed area in front of elbow

21 Arm - upper extremity between shoulder and elbow Axillary - armpit Brachial - arm Buccal - mouth Carpal - wrist Cephalic - head Cervical - neck

22 Costal - ribs Cranial - skull Crural - leg Cubital - elbow Cutaneous - skin Digital - fingers or toes Dorsum or dorsal - back

23 Epigastric - upper middle area of abdomen Facial - face Femoral - thigh Frontal - forehead Forearm - upper extremity between elbow and wrist Gluteal - buttocks

24 Groin - root of thigh between torso and leg Inguinal - groin Leg - Lower extremity between knee and ankle Lumbar - Lower back Mammary - breast

25 Mastoid - Area of skull below and behind ear Occipital - Back of lower skull Palmar - Palm of hand Pectoral - chest Pedal - foot Pelvic - lower torso

26 Perineal - area between anus and genitals Precordial - chest area over heart Plantar - sole of foot Popliteal - behind knee Supraclavicular - above collar bone Tarsal - ankle

27 Temporal - side of skull Thoracic - chest Umbilical - area around umbilicus (navel) Volar - palm or sole

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