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Alabama the Beautiful By: Meridith Allison.

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1 Alabama the Beautiful By: Meridith Allison

2 State Symbols Yellow Hammer Flag Southern Longleaf Pine Camellia

3 State Facts Capital: Statehood: Highest Point: Governor:Bob Riley
Montgomery Statehood: December 14, 1819 22nd state Highest Point: Mount Cheaha 2407 feet Governor:Bob Riley State Song: Alabama by Julia Tutwiler Tennessee Mississippi Georgia Florida

4 Products Cotton Soy beans Peanuts

5 Interesting Facts about Alabama
Alabama workers built the first rocket to put humans on the moon. Huntsville is known as the rocket capital of the World. In 1995 Heather Whitestone served as the first Miss America chosen with a disability. Issued in 2002 the Alabama state quarter is the first Us coin to ever contain Braille. The coin pictures Helen Keller.

6 Famous Alabamians Hank Aaron- baseball player
Insert photo of Hank Aaron Hank Aaron- baseball player Helen Keller-educator,author Zelda Fitzgerald- artist / author Nat King Cole-singer Insert book jacket from To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee-author Hank Williams -singer Willie Mays- baseball Heather Whitestone Miss America Coretta Scott King- civil rights leader Jim Nabors -Actor

7 Sources

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