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What determines the definition of a word?

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1 What determines the definition of a word?

2 Is there more to a word than how it is defined in the dictionary?

3 connotative and denotative
Yes, there is more. In fact, every word has at least two definitions: connotative and denotative So, what’s the difference?

4 The denotative definition is based on the________definition of a word.
The connotative definition is the________________________ meaning of a word. literal figurative or emotional

5 Let’s try giving the connotative definition for some common words.

6 Love Denotative definition: a warmth and tender liking; a deep feeling of fondness and friendship. Connotative definition: a word which describes

7 Anger Denotative definition : the feeling one has toward something that hurts, opposes, offends, or annoys. Connotative definition: When I feel

8 Patriotism Denotative definition: love or loyal support for one’s country Connotative definition: The act of . . .

9 Christmas Denotative definition: a holiday celebrated on December 25
Connotative definition : A time of year when . . .

10 Your assignment Define the word “gift.”
Give both a denotative and a connotative definition. Turn these definitions into a five paragraph essay. Follow the structure of a well organized essay.

11 Introductory paragraph
Broad to _______ Specific Thesis statement

12 Each of the three supporting paragraphs
must contain A topic sentence Supporting examples A concluding sentence which ties the paragraph to the topic sentence

13 Be careful not to begin a new idea.
Concluding paragraph Specific To __________ Broad Be careful not to begin a new idea.

14 Consider your audience
It will be O.K. to use personal pronouns like I, me, my, we, our, and us . It will be okay to use the pronoun you.

15 Remember to check the important stuff.
What about the word this? What about contractions? What about slang terms? What about tense consistency? What about parallelism?

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