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1 Genetics

2 Genetics Key Terms Genetics- is the study of heredity.
Heredity- is the passing of traits from parents to offspring. Trait- a characteristic like hair color or eye color.

3 Genetics Key Terms Dominant Allele- the trait that is expressed or seen. Dominant alleles are represented by a capital letter.

4 Genetics Recessive Allele- the trait that is covered up or masked.
Recessive traits are represented by a lower case letter.

5 Genetics Key Terms Genotype- the organism’s genetic make up.
Phenotype- an organism’s physical appearance.

6 Genetics Key Terms Homozygous- when both alleles of a pair are alike. (Ex. TT or tt) Heterozygous- when the two alleles in the pair are different. (Ex. Tt)

7 Genetics Offspring receive one allele for a trait from each parent.
Complete Dragon Genetics.

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