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"From Here to Technology"

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1 "From Here to Technology"
Keyboarding Project

2 Topics to Be Researched
Evolution of the Computer Pioneers of the Modern Computer Impact of Technology on the Workplace

3 Assignment Due Dates 1st Six Weeks
Research your assigned topic, prepare a rough draft of your findings, cite your resources 2nd Six Weeks Create your PowerPoint storyboard from your research 3rd Six Weeks Complete and submit your PowerPoint slide

4 Evolution of the Computer
Beginning to 1959 1980-present I will have the students’ names in a hat and will draw to assign each topic.

5 Pioneers of Technology

6 Impact of Technology on the Workplace
Architect Autoworkers Military Real estate Doctor/nurse Pilot/airline industry Police I will add as many careers as needed for students.

7 Grading Specifics 1st Six Weeks
Research your assigned topic using at least one Internet source and one book source (Alabama Virtual Library) Rough draft to be between 1 and 2 pages (to be turned in) Resources cited in MLA style (Citation Machine)

8 Grading Specifics 2nd Six Weeks
Design your PowerPoint slide using the Slide Planning Sheet (to be turned in) Requirements: Title, bulleted facts, picture/graphic, animation, background, notes for oral commentary (PowerPoint in the Classroom)

9 Grading Specifics 3rd Six Weeks
Open a blank presentation slide and input your information from your Slide Planning Sheet (PowerPoint in the Classroom) Criteria: Visual/oral presentation, sources, attractiveness, requirements, mechanics, content, organization, and originality

10 In Conclusion You will be instructed at the beginning of each six weeks as to what is required by the end of the six weeks. You will be taught/refreshed on the skills necessary to accomplish each portion of the assignment. You will be able to access this instructional presentation (as well as the finished class product) from my web page as a learning tool.

11 Good Luck! Have Fun!

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