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Parts of Speech Review There are 8 parts of speech.

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1 Parts of Speech Review There are 8 parts of speech.
They are easy to remember if you remember them in pairs: Noun and Verb (two main parts of a sentence) Adjective and Adverb (both describe and begin with”A”) Pronoun and Preposition (both begin with “P”) Conjunction and Interjection (the lease commonly used, both end in “ction”)

2 Noun A Person, Place, Thing or Idea.
Example: friend, love, mansion, courage, extinction, foot, hamster, time, Paris, school, book, teacher, ability. Complete the sentence below by filling in the blanks with nouns. ______, ______ went to ______ to try to find ______ that would be suitable for his _____ which was coming up in _____ and would take place at ______.

3 Pronoun Words that replace nouns. Nouns Pronouns
Every noun you can think of can be replaced with a more general pronoun Examples Nouns Pronouns girl she, her, someone, somebody friends them, they, some, their house it, that Ms. Shope me, my, mine, she, her, I courage it, something student it, him, his, her, each, she Jane went to the beach but _____ was too cold so _____ went back home and called _____ friend Tom. _____ was watching _____ favorite TV show. Jane decided _____ would go over and watch _____ with _____.

4 Verb Action words; forms of “to be.” Example:
The Verb tells what the subject is doing. Example: Mike ran around the backstop. Maria sold her favorite book. They helped the woman across the street. I am happy. She is in the attic. We went to the store to buy apples. Earl Warren won the game on Friday. After _____ for hours, the fisherman finally ____ a tug on his line. He _____ and ____ and finally _____ the large fish. He then _____ the fish while he _____.

5 Adjective Words that describe (modify) nouns or pronouns.
Add adjectives below: The ________ boy won the contest. She is ________ whenever she is at school. _____ is the best way to describe homework. We ate a _____ meal before going to the concert. Yesterday was the _____ day of my life. Can you think of 5 adjective to describe yourself?

6 Adverb Words that describe (modify) verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They usually answer how, when or to what degree. They often end in “ly.” slowly perfectly very yesterday gently expertly really never too briefly not seriously

7 Preposition Words that show position or direction.
(Everywhere a squirrel can be in relation to a log!) Upon Inside Below Next To Aside On Under Within Of Around Near To For During

8 Conjunction For And Nor But Or Yet So
Words that connect other words, phrases or clauses. For And Nor But Or Yet So Neither…Nor Either…Or Not Only… But Also

9 Interjection Words of strong emotion. (Usually followed by an
exclamation point. Hey! Wow! Oops! Well, Whoops!

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