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By: Omar Abdulkader, Marcus Bray

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1 By: Omar Abdulkader, Marcus Bray
Annelida By: Omar Abdulkader, Marcus Bray (Left) Omar Abdulkader (Right)

2 Examples: Oligochaetes (Earth Worm) Leech
Polychaets (Christmas Tree Worm) Oligochaetes (Earth Worm) Leech Omar Abdulkader

3 Body Symmetry Bilateral Symmetry
Omar Abdulkader

4 Body Cavity Coelom is present, and is separated by septum.
Omar Abdulkader

5 Nervous System Cerebral Ganglia: A brain like pair of cerebral ganglia above and in front of pharynx near mouth. Nerve cords that run the length of animal. Ring of nerves around pharynx connects to a subpharyngealganglion, where fused pair of nerve cords run. Omar Abdulkader

6 Circulatory System A network of vessels (closed).
Dorsal and Ventral Vessel connected by segmental pairs of vessels. Dorsal Vessel + 5 pairs of vessels that circle esophagus are muscular and pump blood through circulatory system. Omar Abdulkader

7 Digestive System One long intestine that runs length of animal (One-way). Omar Abdulkader

8 Excretory System Metanephridium: excretory tubes with ciliated funnels called nephrostomes Remove waste from the blood and coelomic fluid through exterior pores. Each segment of the worm has a pair of metanephridium. Marcus Bray

9 Locomotion All annelids have a two layer system of muscle. Longitudinal muscle surrounded by circular muscle. Contraction of these muscle against each other and the coelomic fluid cause the organism to move. Most annelids have chaetae which are bristles that provide traction for burrowing. Marcus Bray

10 Skeletal Type No true skeleton
Instead muscles work against the non-compressible fluid of the coelom. (hydrostatic skeleton) Marcus Bray

11 Sensory Structures No specialized sensory structures other than nervous system Marcus Bray

12 Reproduction Annelids are hermaphrodites meaning they have both sperm an eggs Sexual: Annelids reproduce sexually by aliging themselves in order to exchange sperm. Then an organ called the clitellum creates a cocoon which picks up the sperm as well as and egg and deposits the fertilized egg in the soil. Marcus Bray

13 Gas Exchange Skin functions as respiratory organ
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in skin and oxygen is transferred to tiny blood vessel in epidermis. Marcus Bray

14 Unique Features/Facts
Leeches are used in medicine for blood letting Earthworms are beneficial to famrers because they till the earth and the soil a good texture

15 Quiz What bristle-like structures do some annelids use to burrow?
What is the center of an annelid’s nervous system? What functions as a hydrostatic skeleton in an annelid? How does and annelid pump blood through its body? Marcus Bray

16 Answers Chaetae Cerebral Ganglia Coelom fluid
By utilizing the muscles in the dorsal vessel and the five pairs of vessels that circle the esophogaus. Marcus Bray

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