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Chordata-Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds

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1 Chordata-Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds
By Kevin Wei and Scott Cramer Kevin Wei

2 Amphibia Urodela(Salamanders) Anura(Frogs) Apoda(Caecilians) Kevin Wei
Kevin Wei

3 Reptilia Dinosaurs Lepidosaurs Turtles Alligators and Crocodiles Birds
Kevin Wei

4 Body Cavity Coelomates Peritoneum encloses the coelom Kevin Wei
Kevin Wei

5 Body symmetry Bilateral Symmetry Kevin Wei
Kevin Wei

6 Nervous systems Birds: Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal cord)
Three part brain: Smell, Sight, Hearing Scott Cramer

7 Nervous systems Amphibians: Brain and Spinal Cord Two eyes
Extra protective eyelid for land use Scott Cramer

8 Nervous systems Reptiles: Brain & Spinal Cord
Nerves running from both to Sense organs Scott Cramer

9 Circulatory systems Reptiles: Poikilothermic (Cold Blooded)
Three Chambered heart Some pythons heart can be 4 Chambered Crocodiles have 4 chambered heart w/ two systemic aortas Scott Cramer

10 Circulatory systems Amphibians: Three chambered heart
Ectothermic: Cold-Blooded body temperature regulation Some Gills Scott Cramer

11 Circulatory systems Birds: Warm Blooded
4-Chambered heart, left ventricle pumps into body- much bigger Scott Cramer

12 Digestive system Mouth(Beaks), tongue, esophagus, stomach, intestine, rectum Scott Cramer

13 Excretory system Kidneys and ureters to dispose of bodily wastes
Scott Cramer

14 Locomotion/Musculature
Adult Amphibians-Tetrapods Apodans are legless-burrowing Some larval stages swim(Undulation) Reptiles-Bipedal, Tetrapods, Legless(lateral bending) Birds-Bipedal, Wings, Swim Kevin Wei

15 Skeletal type Inner skeletons with backbones
Most have two limbs attached to main body Kevin Wei

16 Sensory structures/features
Eyes Noses Tongues Touch --(Skin/scales/feathers) Ears Kevin Wei

17 Reproduction Sexual Reproduction-Amphibians(external), Reptiles+Birds(internal) Amniotes(Birds and Reptiles)-Eggs with an extraembryonic membrane(amnion) Amphibian eggs lack an amnion Amnion protects embryo in a fluid-filled cavity Kevin Wei

18 Gas exchange Amphibians-Cutaneous and Pulmonary on land
Reptiles+Birds-Pulmonary Kevin Wei

19 Interesting fact Birds are closest relatives of dinosaurs(Grouped as Saurischians) ? = Kevin Wei

20 Quiz True or False: Amphibians are not coelomates A: FALSE
Which group is warm-blooded? Amphibians? Reptiles? Birds? A: BIRDS What is the role of the amnion? A: To protect the embryo? Do all amphibians have legs? A: NO Kevin Wei

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