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Marine Reptiles Class Reptilia

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1 Marine Reptiles Class Reptilia
Characteristics of Reptiles; Cold Blooded (Ectotherm) Three Chambered Heart Scales Oviparous Reproduction

2 Salt Glands to rid excess salt in ocean species
Restricted to temperate or warm areas



5 Chuckwalla, Isla Ventana


7 Crocodiles; marine sp. Saltwater Crocodiles; Florida, Australia, Asia Africa Crocodiles have specialized 4 chambered heart

8 Sea Snakes Venomous 50 species (one sp.) Calif. To Ecuador
Modified flattened body

9 Marine Lizards Marine Iguana of the Galapagos Is.
Modified flattened tail Eat algae on rocks in the sea Unique example of natural selection

10 Sea Turtles 6 species, all are endangered
Scales fused into hard carapace (shell) Extensive migration patterns for egg laying on tropical beaches

11 Green Sea Turtle Range; San Diego to Tropics
Food; eel grass and sea weeds

12 Green Sea Turtle

13 Loggerhead turtle Range; S. Calif. To tropics
Food; crabs, mollusks, jellyfish, eelgrass

14 Loggerhead

15 Leatherback Turtle Range; all warmer seas Food; jellyfish

16 Leatherback

17 Pacific Ridley Turtle Range; N. Baja Mex. To tropics
Food; sea weed, Mollusks, urching

18 Hawksbill Turtle Range; Tropics Food; predator, fish etc.

19 Hawksbill

20 Olive Ridley Turtle Range;

21 Olive Ridley

22 Kemp’s Ridley

23 Australian Flatback

24 Black Turtle, West coast of Mex.

25 Exploitation by Man Meat Eggs Leather
Shells (Hawksbill) (tortoise shell) Oil (lotions etc.)

26 Eating raw turtle eggs; for ?????

27 Egg Poaching, Costa Rica

28 Olive Ridley snagged in a longline set for sharks. Costa Rica, Pacific

29 Conservation Efforts for food and for release into wild
‘Farm’ raising for food and for release into wild Guarding breeding beaches Laws, regulations,(enforcement problems)

30 Antonio Resendiz, Bahia de Los Angeles

31 Protected nesting beach at Rancha Nuevo, Mex.
Kemp’s Ridley hatchlings

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