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By Anaïs Teyton, Selena Ortega,

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1 By Anaïs Teyton, Selena Ortega,
Chapter 8 Section 2 Visual Art, Architecture, & Performing Arts in Japan By Anaïs Teyton, Selena Ortega, & Miharu Sugie

2 Introduction Japanese nobles of Heian wanted to be surrounded by beauty & elegance. They created a great center of learning and culture. This period was called the golden age of the arts and included fashion, literature, visual art, architecture, and performing arts.

3 Visual Arts Popular: painting, calligraphy, architecture
Paintings - bright & bold colors - represented scenes from stories, nature, court life - on paper doors & furniture, scrolls, fans,… Calligraphy - decorative writing - Poems looked as beautiful as they sounded.

4 Architecture Nobles wanted to make their city beautiful
Copied Chinese architecture - greatly admired - Heian city= model of Chang’an Building style: ends of wooden frame curved upward, natural, airy feel - Elegant gardens & ponds, still popular today.

5 Performing Arts Popular - Performances - musicians, jugglers acrobats.
- Plays = actors mimicked people. developed into drama called Noh - Noh plays 1.combines music, speaking, dance 2. teaches about great heroes of Japan’s past.

6 Architecture

7 Drama that developed from the Heian Period

8 Noh

9 Paintings

10 Conclusion Japan’s nobles created the golden age of art.
Next, Buddhism develops throughout Japan, along with the nobles’ arts.

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