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3 Types of RNA.

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1 3 Types of RNA

2 mRNA Messenger RNA Facts: Function:
uses DNA as template single stranded U replaces T largest RNA molecule Function: mRNA is used to carry the genetic code from the nucleus to the ribosomes


4 tRNA Transfer RNA Facts:
On one end of the tRNA a specific amino acid attaches. On the other end is a sequence of three base pairs called the anticodon, the complement of the codon on the mRNA. Function: tRNA bonds to amino acids and it is used in the synthesis of proteins


6 Ribosome

7 rRNA Ribosomal RNA Facts: Function: A component of ribosomes
The small subunit of a ribosome contains an rRNA strand (1542 nucleotides long) The larger subunit contains two strands of rRNA (one 2904 nucleotides in length and the other 120). Function: A component of ribosomes


9 3 Types of RNA Messenger RNA = mRNA Transfer RNA = tRNA
Ribosomal RNA = rRNA

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