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Wave Erosion 16.2 Review.

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1 Wave Erosion 16.2 Review

2 Headlands Resistant rock left that projects into the ocean
Typically granites or very very resitant sandstone


4 Sea Caves

5 Sea Arch

6 Sea Stacks Offshore isolated columns of rock that were once attached to a headland

7 Shoreline Erosion- large waves during storms hit the shore so hard that it pulls the rock off and into the ocean. Sea Cliffs- a steep structure of rock located where waves strike directly against rock. Sea Caves, Arches, and Stacks-large holes along the base of a sea cliff, offshore isolated columns of rock. Terraces- a level platform underneath the water at the base of a sea cliff. - Wave-cut terrace Wave-built terrace-an extension of a wave-cut terrace.


9 Terraces Wave-cut- when sea cliffs retreat, terraces are built due to erosion by waves wave-built- due to material being eroded away from retreating terraces, those deposits may accumulate to build terraces



12 Coastline and sea level changes-the sea level rises and falls depending on the amount of ocean water. Coastline and Land Changes- Coastlines can be flooded if land sinks, and can be exposed if the land rises. Submergent Coastlines- formed when the sea level rises or land sinks. Inlets between land. Emergent Coastlines- formed when land rises or sea level falls.

13 Ancient wave-cut terraces

14 Beaches- depositions of sand along an ocean shore.
-composition depends on the source rock. Berm- the raised section on most beaches. Sand Bar- underwater ridges. Longshore-Currents are created by waves moving at an angle to the shoreline push water along the shore. Spit- a long narrow deposit do sand at one end of the shore. Tombolos-connections from offshore islands to main lands.

15 Green Sand?

16 Longshore currents



19 Barrier Island- long narrow offshore ridges of sand.
Coral Reefs- coastal features that are homes to small marine animals that live in warm shallow sea water. -fringing reef-around the coast of an island. -barrier reef-coral offshore around the remaining of the volcano. -atoll-circular coral reef surrounding a shallow lagoon.

20 Barrier Island

21 Barrier Reef


23 Fringing Reef


25 Atoll

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