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Ch 37.1 Guide

2 Breathing:Mechanical intake gas
Diaphram muscle expands & contracts the chest cavity

3 Lung, trachea, bronchi & alveoli

4 Alveoli: Tiny air sacs Increase Surface area for gas exchange
Rich in capillaries Over 700 million !

5 B. Comparing terms: Breathing: Mechanical intake and exhalation of gases (lungs) Respiration: the exchange of gases by diffusion at the alveoli Cellular Respiration: Use of oxygen by the mitochondria to make ATP energy

6 Air enters the Mouth And Nasal Passages where it is warmed & filtered

7 Breathing:Mechanical intake gas
Diaphram muscle expands & contracts the chest cavity

8 The brain stem controls breathing by CO2 concentration

9 Alveoli air sacs Respiration or Gas exchange at capillaries
By the law of diffusion Blue blood low in oxygen coming into the alveoli Red blood high in oxygen leaves the alveoli

10 Cellular Respiration Breakdown of Food in Mitochondria
Plants & Animals Produces ATP Cell energy CO2 gas waste

11 Tuberculosis: Bacterial infection

12 Smoker’s Lung with tar deposits

13 Cancerous Lung

14 For teacher’s use: This dissection of human lung tissue shows light-colored cancerous tissue in the center of the photograph. At bottom center lies the heart. While normal lung tissue is light pink in color, the tissue surrounding the cancer is black and airless, the result of a tarlike residue left by cigarette smoke. Most lung cancer begins in the cells lining the main air passages, or bronchi. In their cancerous state, these cells lack the cilia that normally catch and eliminate foreign particles inhaled into the lung. Mucous ordinarily cleared by bronchial cilia becomes trapped, blocking air passages. Lung cancer accounts for the largest percentage of cancer deaths in the United States, and cigarette smoking is directly responsible for the majority of these cases. Martin Rotker/Phototake NYC "Cancerous Human Lung," Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

15 Whales have lungs……


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