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Ch 38.1 Guide Ch 38.2 Development

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1 Ch 38.1 Guide Ch 38.2 Development
Sexual Reproduction Ch 38.1 Guide Ch 38.2 Development

2 I1.Sexual/Asexual Reproduction
Exact copy Mitosis One parent Constant conditions Sexual Genetic variety Meiosis = eggs & sperm Two parents Changing conditions

3 Asexual examples: Hydra
Regen-eration Of cut pieces Budding of polyps

4 Amoeba asexual division
2nd amoeba Nucleus

5 Asexual Reproduction:
Runners in strawberries Spores in Puffball Mushrooms

6 Sexual Reproduction

7 “Joey” develops in a Pouch

8 Flowering Plants Sexual Reproduction
Dry Pollen For sperm

9 Ferns Sexual & Asexual Reproduction

10 Comparison of Egg & Sperm
Round Floats Food reserves One Ovaries 1N Sperm Oval Flagella No food reserves Many secrete enzyme to penetrate egg membrane Testicles 1N

11 Meiosis in the Gonads Sperm Meiotic cell division Egg

12 Gonads make gametes! Testes make sperm

13 Chromosomes Sex Chromosome Y determines a Male

14 Gonads make gametes! Ovaries make eggs

15 Tubal ligation

16 Reproduction Hormones
Produced by Function Testosterone Testicles Male sex traits FSH Pituitary Stimulates LH LH Release of egg Estrogen Ovaries Female sex traits Progesterone Corpus luteum Maintains Uterus lining

17 Menstrual Cycle

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