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EAB Approved Schools Conference Admissions and Compliance Upper Iowa University Wisconsin Centers.

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1 EAB Approved Schools Conference Admissions and Compliance Upper Iowa University Wisconsin Centers

2 EAB Approved Schools Conference Introduction Marshall Whitlock, Milwaukee Area Director-UIU *Overview of UIU *Current environment within higher education *Challenges we all face Kathryn Cotey, Admissions Advisor-UIU *How UIU addresses admissions *How do we manage and address the compliance issues Summary.

3 EAB Approved Schools Conference Our Mission Upper Iowa University provides student- centered undergraduate and graduate educational programs through flexible, multiple delivery systems in an environment in which delivery is respected, encouraged and nurtured.

4 EAB Approved Schools Conference Wisconsin Center Locations Milwaukee, Madison, Elkhorn, Janesville, Wausau and Prairie du Chien Bachelor of Science Degree with 13 Majors Associate degree Programs Master of Business Administration, Masterof Higher Education Administration and Master of Public Administration Six eight-week terms each year Six graduation dates per year

5 EAB Approved Schools Conference Current Environment Newspaper Articles Sting operations GAO Reports and Hearings Impact on the entire Education sector Branded like used car salesmen

6 EAB Approved Schools Conference Issues Newsweek/Online 10/27/2010 Eight Ways to Avoid For-Profit School Scams 1.Jacking Up Prices 2.Giving Misinformation About Student Loans 3.Exaggerating Employment Prospects

7 EAB Approved Schools Conference 4. Underestimating Costs 5. Encouraging Students to Falsify Financial-Aid Forms 6. High-Pressure Tactics 7. Hiding Important Information, Like Graduation Rates 8. Constant, Excessive Recruiting

8 EAB Approved Schools Conference Impact on the Educational Environment Reputation with communities Reputation with the public Adverse regulations Impact on students Students suffer!

9 EAB Approved Schools Conference Compliance Issues Federal rules Gainful employment State oversight Other federal rule changes

10 EAB Approved Schools Conference Compliance Issues Federal rule changes on Misrepresentation Substantially false, erroneous or misleading statements Expansion of the definitions Issues involving employability of graduates Incentive compensation

11 EAB Approved Schools Conference What is needed Attention to potential impact on students Building on best practices from other schools Attention to Compliance Requirements Remembering our rootshelping students!

12 EAB Approved Schools Conference Admissions Establishing the culture Review the process for improvement – focus on delivery Identify check points/ touch points Identify opportunities for feedback – evaluate Resources

13 EAB Approved Schools Conference Campus Culture Establish within the environment a we versus them attitude Departments working together – Admissions, Academics and Financial Aid Collaboration, Connection and Accountability Influenced by goals, policies, structure and strategies

14 EAB Approved Schools Conference Process Checklist/delivery – consistency = quality Gathering information - asking the student – educational experience, expectations, needs, and goals Sharing information – accreditation, culture, process, review program options, transfer credits, discuss career planning Clarification – ask questions, reiterate main points

15 EAB Approved Schools Conference Process continued……. Follow-up – additional information Resources – career planning assessment, tutoring – on campus – on line options Placement services Orientation – identify where, when, how resources are delivered Touch points – open house, advising meeting, orientation, week 3, registration

16 EAB Approved Schools Conference Registration Process Registration occurs 6 times in one calendar year 8 week terms – registration open 5 of 8 weeks Advisor approval of registration Weekly review/tracking of conversion Flexibility with full/part-time options Working closely with stop-outs

17 EAB Approved Schools Conference Opportunities Identify multiple ways to provide critical information – registration, financial aid transfer credits, class add/drops, academic goals and standards Website, phone calls, catalogs, handouts, newsletter, e-mails, faculty announcements, posters on campus Academic Performance Issues – realistic goals

18 EAB Approved Schools Conference Evaluation/Feedback Open House – sharing specifics – ask, what can we do better? Admissions Visit/Interview – information gathering and evaluation First advising meeting - registration Orientation – written feedback Classroom feedback – faculty feedback Surveys What else?

19 EAB Approved Schools Conference Compliance Acceptance Process – application, transcripts, accredited High Schools Financial Aid – clear information, definitions, step by step explanation What are some ways you provide delivery of Financial Aid Information?

20 EAB Approved Schools Conference Compliance continued… Managing to the metrics – beyond the reports Building relationships, awareness of needs, providing continuous follow-up, and training Measuring the intangibles Other ideas?

21 EAB Approved Schools Conference Summary Awareness Culture emphasis Training – delivery versus checklist Multiple methods of delivery of information Evaluation – emphasizing the behavior with performance feedback Pulse Check

22 EAB Approved Schools Conference THANKS Upper Iowa University Wisconsin Centers

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