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Natural Resources to Finished Products

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1 Natural Resources to Finished Products
Grade 3 Social Studies Online

2 Blueprint: Economics to
Distinguish the difference between a natural resource and finished product.  books to chair & desk tree

3 Natural Resources Natural resources are substances we obtain from the land, water, and air around us. People use many of the earth's natural resources. All of the products we use have a natural resource base. Minerals, forest products, water, and soil are just a few of the natural resources humans use to produce energy and make things people use.

4 Renewable Resources Some natural resources can be reproduced within a few years or decades. These are called renewable resources. Trees, water, plants, and air are examples of renewable resources.

5 Non-renewable Resources
Underground minerals must be mined or dug up from the earth. Some of these minerals are gold, silver, salt, iron, diamonds, petroleum and coal. Oil, minerals, and soil take hundreds, thousands and even millions of years to be made. These are called non-renewable resources.

6 EXAMPLES TO apple pie apple tree

7 Resources

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