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Democrats vs. Republicans: Both Sides

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1 Democrats vs. Republicans: Both Sides

2 Republicans: More Conservative
Believe in a lassiez-faire approach- “hands off” Favor a limited role of government in people’s lives. They believe that that people should “help themselves”. Favor lower taxes

3 Democrats More liberal
Oppose government intervention in your personal life Supports regulations on businesses and economic activity. Believe that government invovlement can improve the quality of our lives. Willing to increase taxes to spend on programs (education, welfare, etc.)

4 Where they stand on the issues:

5 Flag Burning Democrat: Republican:
Flag burning is political speech and is protected by the Constitution Republican: Protect the flag from burning by a constitutional amendment

6 Natural Environment Democrats: Republicans:
Strong regulations are needed to protect the environment Republicans: Strong environmental laws harm the economy

7 Gun Control Democrats: Republicans: Favor/Gun control is needed
Oppose/Gun control is unconstitutional

8 Race Relations Democrats: Republicans:
Strong anti-discrimination laws are needed favor affirmative action Republicans: People and businesses can be trusted not to discriminate Many oppose affirmative action

9 Healthcare Democrats: Republicans:
Government should require universal access to healthcare Republicans: Private insurers are preferable to government controlled system

10 Military Democrats: Republicans:
Cut military spending; expand veteran’s benefits; act in concert with other nations and/or with support from NATO and the UN Republicans: Increase military spending; cut veteran’s benefits; don’t be constrained by other nations or by NATO and the UN

11 Death Penalty Democrats: Republicans:
Oppose/It is not a deterrent and innocent people are in jeopardy Republicans: Favor/The death penalty is necessary and effective

12 Think About It… Which one of these political parties have the same view on issues that you do? You decide…are you a Democrat? Or a Republican?

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