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J. Frank Hillyard Middle School

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1 J. Frank Hillyard Middle School
Effective School-wide Discipline H Have all your materials A Approach school with a positive attitude W Work to your potential K Keep focused and positive S SUCCEED!

2 ESD Team Members Mr. Kenny Boyers – Asst. Principal
Mrs. Laura Logan– Team Leader Mr. Ben Bowman – Special Ed. Teacher Mr. Don Rhodes – Agriculture Teacher Mr. Todd Johnson – 7th Grade Teacher

3 Mission Statement The school community* will be proactive in maintaining a safe and supportive environment where responsible behavior is taught, recognized and rewarded and will provide fair and consistent opportunities for students to experience behavioral and academic success. *The school community includes the following stakeholders: students, parents and primary care givers, faculty and staff, administration, business partners, central office staff, and outside agency affiliates.

4 Key Definitions Discipline: Providing the opportunity to instruct, teach, train, and make all stakeholders accountable for responsible behavior . Opportunity -"the teachable moments" that occur before and after both appropriate and inappropriate behavior . Responsible -following rules, guidelines, timelines and expectations . Accountable -accepting responsibility for behavior and its consequences. Expectation -any desired behavior that has been systematically taught, modeled, and required. Fair- everybody gets what they need to be successful Equal -everybody gets the same thing

5 Definition Development
Physical Altercation -use of physical aggressions that inflict or risks bodily harm Verbal Altercation -use of vulgar, abusive or threatening language or gestures Vandalism -any action that defaces or destroys school or personal property Disrespect -any action that displays defiant, uncooperative or insubordinate behavior Skipping- willful decision to miss a portion or all of a class period or school day Stealing -taking school or personal property does not belong to you

6 Definition Development
Lying -failing to provide accurate information or willful misrepresentation of information which results in a disruption of the learning process or school operations Forgery -signing someone else's name to school related documents Classroom disruption -an act that causes a significant interruption in the learning process Harassment -any action, gesture or language that offends or degrades another individual

7 Immediate Reinforcement Token

8 Back of Immediate Reinforcement Token

9 Talon Ledger

10 Delayed Reinforcement Coupon

11 Procedures for Reinforcement Token
Talons are turned in and coupons are distributed by all teachers and administration Students will turn in talons on the last odd day of the week during homeroom. Teachers will record the talon turn-in and dispense the privilege/responsibility coupon. The transaction will be recorded on the supplied ledger.

12 Guidelines for Expected Behaviors
CLASSROOM 1. Be on time 2. Be seated 3. Be respectful 4. Follow expectations and requests 5. Respect school property 6. Be a HAWK

13 Guidelines for Expected Behaviors
.- Guidelines for Expected Behaviors HALLWAY 1. Always walk 2. Go directly to your destination 3. Be considerate of others *Keep voices down, *Keep hands to yourself 4. Respect school property

14 Guidelines for Expected Behaviors
CAFETERIA 1. Keep your place in line 2. Clean up after yourself 3. Respect school staff members and classmates *Be polite *Follow requests 4. Respect school property

15 Guidelines for Expected Behaviors
AUDITORIUM/GYM 1. Follow hallway rules 2. Follow teachers' directions 3. Refrain from speaking during program(s) 4. Keep your area clean 5. Respect school property

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