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Native American Societies

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1 Native American Societies
USI Review Native American Societies

2 USI Review In which areas did the First Americans live?

3 USI Review Inuit -- settled in present day Alaska and Northern Canada
Check out this link to find out more about the Inuit peoples:

4 USI Review Kwakiutl -- these peoples lived in the Pacific Northwest
The men of this tribe hunted, but mostly fished to feed their families

5 USI Review Sioux -- these native peoples lived in the interior of the United States, called the Great Plains The Sioux were hunters, who followed their game.

6 USI Review Pueblo -- these peoples lived in the Southwest, in present day New Mexico and Arizona Most of those in the Pueblo nation were artisans, and produced pottery and jewelry to trade with settlers and other tribes.

7 USI Review Iroquois -- This tribe lived in the Northeast part of North America in the area called the Eastern Woodlands

8 USI Review Tribe Inuit Kwakiutl Sioux Pueblo Iroquois
Where did they settle? What was their environment like? Inuit Present-day Alaska and northern Canada Lived in the Arctic where the temperature was below freezing. Kwakiutl Pacific Northwest Rainy, mild climate Sioux Interior of the United States, called the Great Plains Dry grasslands Pueblo In the Southwest in present day New Mexico and Arizona Desert areas and areas bordering cliffs and mountains Iroquois Northeast North America in the Eastern Woodlands Heavily forested

9 USI Review How did geography and climate affect the various American Indians (First Americans) meet their basic needs? * They fished, hunted, and harvested their crops for food * Clothing was made from animal skins and plants *Shelter was made from resources found in the environment --sod, stones, wood, animal skins

10 USI Review Inuit

11 USI Review Kwakuitl

12 USI Review Sioux

13 USI Review Pueblo

14 USI Review Iroquois

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