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Figurative Language.

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1 Figurative Language

2 What is figurative language?
Figurative language is a technique that ________________ use to paint a picture for the ________________. the author the reader There are six type of figurative language we’ll learn about. They are: Simile Metaphor Personification Idiom Hyperbole Cliché

3 Simile Simile sounds like the word ______________
which the writer says the words are. It _______________ two things using the words “like” or “as” similar compares

4 Similes cont. n The leprechaun was happy as a lark when he found his clover. Sonic the Hedgehog ran like the wind.

5 Metaphors A metaphor is very much like a _________.
It is used to compare two things, but you don’t use _______ or ____. The word _____ is usually used in a metaphor. simile like as is

6 Metaphor cont… Her eyes were sparkly diamonds.

7 Personification The main clue in personification is the word _______.
Personification mean to give a ____________ thing human characteristics. person non-living

8 Personification The wind howled on the cold blustery winters day.

9 Hyperbole Hyperbole is something larger than ______. life extreme
Hyperbole is an ______________ exaggeration.


11 Idiom A phrase that we, in our culture, ___________, but an outsider might not. Idioms usually have different ____________ from what they’re actually saying. understand meanings

12 Idioms cont… To cry wolf: That’s all she wrote! -To give a false alarm
Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. -To give a false alarm -The end of the story. -Don’t get excited about things or expect things before they happen.

13 Cliché A cliché is a phrase that we hear very _______. often
We hear them so much we get ________ of them after a while. often tired

14 You try! Pick a single topic. Write an example of each type of figurative language for your topic. Example: Baseball Simile-His stance was like perfection. Metaphor-The pitch was a torpedo. Personification-The ball saw its way through the infield. Hyperbole-He hit that ball a mile! Idiom-A clean-up hitter Cliché-Three up, three down

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