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Ancient China Review.

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1 Ancient China Review

2 On what continent is China located?

3 What ocean borders the east coast of China?
The Pacific Ocean

4 Is China considered a city, country, or town?
A country

5 What does “climate” mean?
The kind of weather an area has over a period of time

6 What does the word “ancient” mean?
Long, long ago

7 What does “contribution” mean?
The act of giving or doing something

8 What is the Ancient Chinese written language?
Characters and symbols

9 What was built to protect China from invaders?
The Great Wall

10 What is the Chinese calendar based on?
A 12-year cycle with animals

11 What ancient Chinese invention was made by boiling cocoons?

12 Why did the ancient Chinese invent kites?
To measure distances and to send messages

13 What were the contributions from Ancient China?
Written language using characters and symbols The architecture of the Great Wall Inventions such as the kite, compass, silk cloth, bronze, and fireworks

14 What is the most important holiday in China?
Chinese New Year

15 What were the five inventions from Ancient China?
Silk cloth Fireworks Compass Kite Bronze

16 What two metals make bronze?
Tin and copper

17 What are the names of China’s two deserts?
The Gobi and the Taklimakan

18 Can the Great Wall of China be seen from space by the naked eye?

19 What were the watchtowers on the Great Wall used for?
To watch for any incoming invaders

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