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Australia, Pacific Islands, & Antarctica

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1 Australia, Pacific Islands, & Antarctica

2 Physical Characteristics
Wide range of vegetation, from tropical rain forests to desert scrub Australia is mostly desert The Great Dividing Range is located along the eastern coast of Australia The Great Barrier Reef is located off the Northeastern coast of Australia

3 Physical characteristics cont.
Australia’s isolation has resulted in unique animal life Antarctica is the world’s coldest, driest, windiest continent: It is mostly icecap. Pacific islands are mostly volcanic, coral or continental

4 Economic Characteristics
Require air and water travel to bring goods and services to remote areas Dry areas of Australia well suited to cattle and sheep ranching upset of environmental balance, caused by the introduction of nonnative plants and animals ranching, mining (primary activities)

5 Cultural Characteristics
Pacific Islands are sparsely populated Most of Australia’s population lives near the coast Traditional culture continues to shape life in the Pacific Islands Lifestyles range from subsistence farming to modern city living Cultures reflect the mix of European and indigenous cultures (ex: Maori and aborigines) Antarctica has no permanent residents

6 Cultural characteristics cont.
Cities as centers of culture and trade Canberra ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Australia Cultural landscape Sydney Opera House Cattle and Sheep station (Australia) Research stations (Antarctica) Thatched roof dwellings (Pacific Islands)

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