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January 30, 2001 Ms. Ashby’s Third Grade Class

2 A machine is anything that helps us do work.

3 A simple machine has few or no moving parts.
There are 6 types of simple machines. 1. Inclined plane 2. Wedge 3. Screw 4. Lever 5. Wheel and Axle 6. Pulley

4 Inclined Planes An inclined plane is a sloping surface that makes it easier to move objects to a higher or lower place. An example of an inclined plane is a ramp.

5 Inclined Planes A slide is also an inclined plane.

6 WEDGE A wedge is a simple machine used to raise objects or split an object apart. An ax is a wedge. It is used to split objects apart.

7 WEDGE A saw and a knife are wedges also.

8 SCREW A screw is a simple machine that is used to hold things together.

9 SCREW A jack is another example of a screw.

10 LEVER The lever reduces the amount of work needed to lift or move an object. A rake is a lever used to move leaves.

11 LEVER A wheel barrow, a bottle opener, a see saw, and a crow bar are other examples of levers.

12 WHEEL AND AXLE The wheel and axle is a simple machine made up of a wheel connected to a post. The post is called the axle. A wheel and axle help people lift a heavy load with less work.

13 WHEEL AND AXLE We use wheels and axles every day. Cars use wheels and axles.

14 WHEEL AND AXLE A doorknob is a wheel and axle .

15 PULLEY A pulley is a simple machine made
up of a wheel with a rope or cable around the wheel. A pulley is used to raise a flag on a flagpole or to lift heavy objects.

16 PULLEY A pulley is used to raise a flag on a flagpole. A ski lift uses a pulley also.

17 WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? Name the 6 types of simple machines.
Look around the computer lab. Do you see any simple machines? If you do, draw a picture of the simple machine you see.

18 THE END………


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