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Ms. Ashby’s Third Grade Science Class

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1 Ms. Ashby’s Third Grade Science Class
SOURCES OF ENERGY Ms. Ashby’s Third Grade Science Class

2 We use energy every day. Energy is need to operate machines, to heat and cool our homes and schools, to cook, to provide light and to take people from place to place.

3 THE SUN Almost all of the energy we use comes from the sun.
The sun is like a giant energy factory. The easiest way to get energy from the sun is to use its light.

4 SOLAR ENERGY Solar energy is used to perform small jobs.
People catch energy from the sun by using solar cells.

5 Solar panels are used to collect energy from the sun.

6 Fossil Fuels Coal, oil and natural gas are fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are formed in the earth from plants and animals that died millions of years ago. Fossil fuels are a nonrenewable form of energy. That means that they can not be replaced once they are used.

7 COAL Coal is an important fossil fuel. Coal is found underground.
Coal is used to make electric power. When coal is burned, it pollutes the air.

8 This coal is being carried from a coal mine in a box car.

9 OIL Oil is removed from deep within the Earth. Workers pump oil out of the Earth using wells. Oil is used to make gasoline and heating fuel.

10 Oil is being removed from the Earth with a drill.

11 NATURAL GAS Natural gas comes from the Earth.
Natural gas is a clean source of energy. Natural gas can be compressed into a liquid and moved long distances through pipelines.

12 These pipes carry natural gas.

13 Other Forms of Energy Energy from water is called Hydropower.
Falling or moving water can be used to create energy.

14 Dams are used to create Hydropower.

15 WIND POWER Wind power turns windmills and moves sailboats.

16 Windmills have been used for hundreds of years to grind grain and pump water.

17 CONSERVATION Since fossil fuels are a nonrenewable source of energy, it is important that we conserve energy. We can conserve energy by turning off lights when they are not being used, walk instead of drive if we are going short distances and wear layers of clothes to keep warm.


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