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1 MODERN AMERICA From WWII until today USII.7A-D



4 THE COLD WAR a state of tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union without actual fighting that divided the world into two camps Causes: –Differences in goals and ideologies between the super powers (US=democratic & capitalist; USSR=dictatorial & communist) –USSR dominated Eastern Europe –US policy of containment –NATO vs. Warsaw Pact USII.7C

5 MAJOR CONFLICTS Korean War (1950) –North Korea backed by China invaded South Korea backed by the US –War ended in a stalemate Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) –USSR placed missiles in Cuba –US blockaded Cuba & Soviets removed missiles Vietnam War (1957) –US intervened due to Domino Theory –Anti-war riots in the US –Cease-fire agreement and the US withdrew its troops USII.7C

6 USII.7C (Map) Korean War


8 COLLAPSE OF COMMUNISM IN EUROPE Breakup of the Soviet Union into independent countries. Destruction of the Berlin Wall NEW CHALLENGES 1.Role of U.S. military intervention 2.Environmental challenges 3.Global issues, including trade, jobs, diseases USII.7C

9 FACTORS LEADING TO CHANGING PATTERNS IN THE U.S. Strong economy (healthy job market, increased productivity, increased demand for US goods) Greater investment in education The Baby Boom Interstate Highway System Evolving role of women Role of Eleanor Roosevelt in expanding womens rights African Americans desire for equal opportunities New immigrants after 1965 (Hispanic & Asian) USII.7D

10 EXPANSION OF EDUCATIONAL AND EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES G.I. Bill of Rights – gave educational, housing, and employment benefits to World War II veterans Truman desegregated the armed forces Civil Rights legislation –Increased educational, economic, and political opportunities for women and minorities USII.7D

11 CIVIL RIGHTS Effects of Segregation –Separate schools –Separate public facilities –Social Isolation of races Civil Rights Movement: –Plessy v. Ferguson (Separate but Equal) –Brown v. Board of Education (desegregated) –Martin L. King – Passive Resistance; I have a dream… –Rosa Parks – Montgomery bus boycott –Freedom riders, sit-ins, marches –NAACP –Civil Rights Act of 1964 –Voting Rights Act of 1965 USII.8A

12 Changing Role of Women Workplace – discrimination in hiring; low wages NOW (National Organization of Women) Federal laws to support womens athletics Equal Rights Amendment (failed) USII.8A

13 NEW TECHNOLOGIES Airlines – jet Automobiles – interstate highways Entertainment & news media Space exploration Computers Satellite systems – pagers, cell phones, television Internet USII.8B

14 IMPACT OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES Increased travel for business & pleasure Greater access to news (live) Cheaper & convenient communication Greater access to heating and air conditioning Decreased regional variation (fewer differences) USII.8B

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