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Mountain View Elementary School Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

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1 Mountain View Elementary School Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801
13 Colonies Mountain View Elementary School Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801

2 The New England Colonies
Massachusetts (Maine) New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island Picture Credit:

3 Reasons for coming to the USA.
Some people didn’t like the Church of England. They wanted the Church to be more pure. These people were called Puritans. They decided to start a colony in the North East part of the USA.

4 Settling in Massachusetts
John Winthrop was the leader of the Puritans. Massachusetts means at or near the great hill in Algonkian, Native American language. The colony’s first settlement was Boston along the Charles River. Picture Credit:

5 Colonial Life Massachusetts and Connecticut had laws saying that if there were 50 families, a teacher needed to be hired and a school setup. These schools were called grammar or writing schools. Picture Credit:

6 Schools Boys went to grammar schools while girls went to dame school.
There was no chalkboards, maps, or paper. School teachers were strict and were allowed to hit their students or make them wear a dunce hat.

7 Thomas Hooker He left Massachusetts to live in Connecticut because he didn’t like the way the Puritans lived. IN 1639,Connecticut had the FIRST WRITTEN LAWS IN NORTH AMERICA.

8 Roger Williams Roger Williams believed you should tolerate other people’s beliefs in God. He left Massachusetts and started a colony, Providence. Picture Credit: history/0003.html

9 Anne Hutchinson Anne Hutchinson was a woman who believed you could go directly to God so you could pray to God without going through a priest. She moved to Providence with Roger Williams and started the Rhode Island Colony. Picture Credit: features_hutchison.html

10 Life in the Colonies The Puritans had their own laws for Courtship.

11 Middle Colonies The Middle colonies included:
NY The Middle colonies included: New York (NY) , New Jersey (NJ) , Delaware (DE), and Pennsylvania (PA). PA NJ DE Picture Credit:

12 Climate Good farming land (grains) Livestock, rivers and hills. Harbors. Picture Credit: Lan_Farm_Trust.htm

13 People Groups People came from Germany, Scotland & Ireland.
-Quakers (plain living, peaceful, against slavery and dancing) -Germans (Pennsylvania Dutch, skilled workers and loved music). -Scotch-Irish farmed and hunted. Picture Credit: celtic.html

14 Interesting Facts about Middle Colonies
-Called Breadbasket of Colonial America. The farmers raised a surplus so they could sell. -Germans invented Pennsylvania rifle & Conestoga wagon. -Philadelphia means brotherly love. Picture Credit: nmah/carriage.htm

15 William Penn -William Penn owned Pennsylvania and made it a place for religious freedom. Picture Credit:

16 MD Southern Colonies VA NC The Southern Colonies included: Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), and Georgia (GA). SC GA

17 Southern Colonies Climate
Rich land, plenty of rain & a long growing season. Coastal plains, swamps, forests, harbors. Picture Credit: cogent/gallery.htm

18 People Groups -Maryland was a safe place for Roman Catholics.
-South Carolina settled by French. -Georgia founded by Oglethorpe for new start for debtors in England. Picture Credit: bhand/usergroups.html

19 Interesting Facts about Southern Colonies
-Planters’ duties to see that crops were planted, records kept, took care of everyone. -Slavery was necessary for Southern plantation. The cash crop for Virginia was Tobacco. Picture Credit: website.htm

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