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Native Americans Pueblo Plains Powhatans

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1 Native Americans Pueblo Plains Powhatans
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2 Southwest “Pueblo”

3 Location of Southwest The Anasazi are located in the desert that is the southwestern part of the USA. Today it is known as the Four corners and covers Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. Picture Credit:

4 Culture of Southwest They used animals skins for clothes.
Picture Credit:

5 Click Here for a 360 view of Mesa Verde
How they lived? They lived in adobe buildings. Some used cliffs made of sandstone for their homes. Their first floor had no doors or windows in order to keep thieves out. They used a ladder to get to the second floor of their house. Dry farming was used to grow the 3 sisters (corn, squash, and beans). Picture Credit:

6 Southwest Religion They believed in Spirits in nature.
Kachina dances were done to bring rain to the crops. They also had kivas, a religious building Picture Credit:

7 Southwest Art The Southwest made pots, cloths, and baskets as well as jewelry and dolls. Picture Credit:

8 Southwest Clothing Their clothing was made from cotton but they didn’t need much since it was very hot They did wear moccasins. Picture Credit:

9 What happened to the Southwest?
Many of the Southwest Native Americans have moved on to other places. Some Native Americans remain in the surrounding areas. Picture Credit:

10 Plains ( AD) “Sioux”

11 Click Here to see 360 view of Buffalo!
Location of Plains The Plains Native Americans lived in the middle of the USA on the plains (flat land). They especially lived in the Dakota prairies. Picture Credit: notable/laura.htm Click Here to see 360 view of Buffalo!

12 Culture of Plains They had coup sticks for fighting other Native American tribes. If you could touch an enemy with a coup stick without getting killed, that was considered a great honor. Picture Credit:

13 How the Plains lived? They owned horses so they hunted buffalo. The dried meat they ate was called jerky. The 3 sisters (corn, squash and beans) were also grown. Their houses consisted of either lodges and hogans or teepees when they were hunting buffalo and had to move often. Picture Credit:

14 Plains Religion They had a spiritual guardian whom they saw in visions.

15 Plains Art A calendar was kept on buffalo hide. This was called a Winter Count. Beads were also used for decoration. Picture Credit:

16 Plains Clothing Buffalo hides provided clothing for this tribe.
Picture Credit:

17 What happened to the Plains?
Many were killed by White European men. Picture Credit: : wms/staff/home/

18 Eastern Woodland (1300-1600 AD) “Powhatan”

19 Eastern Woodland Location
These Native Americans are located on the Eastern Coast of the USA which includes Virginia. Picture Credit:

20 Eastern Woodland Culture
In many tribes, the women had the power of leadership. The game la crosse was invented by this culture. Picture Credit:

21 How the Eastern Woodland lived?
Longhouses and wigwams is what these tribes used for housing. Deer, rabbit, squirrel, moose, elk were hunted while the 3 sisters (squash, beans, and corn) were farmed. Click Here to see a Native American Village!

22 Eastern Woodland Longhouse!
Picture Credit:

23 Eastern Woodland Religion
They had visions. Most tribes believed in a supernatural being. Picture Credit:

24 Eastern Woodland Art Wampum belts were used by the Iroquois to tell stories and keep history alive. Beads were also used for decoration. Weaving was also done by the women. Picture Credit: images/wampbelt5lg.jpg

25 Eastern Woodland Clothing
They used animals skins for clothing. They wore shirts, leggings, and moccasins. The children wore nothing. Picture Credit: images/wampbelt5lg.jpg

26 What happened to the Eastern Woodland Native Americans?
Many of the USA constitution ideas derived from the Iroquois Confederacy. Most were killed off by White men. However, some still live on reservations today. Picture Credit: images/wampbelt5lg.jpg

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