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1 Changes/Updates/Reminders Spring 2010 District Test Coordinator Training.

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1 1 Changes/Updates/Reminders Spring 2010 District Test Coordinator Training

2 2 Reminder: Grade 10 SBA-HSGQE & HSGQE Retest Grade 10 SBA-HSGQE Reading Form DR Test Book Writing/Mathematics Form DWM Test Book HSGQE Retest one form Reading/Writing/Mathematics Form D15 Test Book Larger districts (big 7) are spiraling this year This impacts the read aloud accommodation Packs of 1 test books containing a common form (1-7) are provided for students who required a read aloud administration. DTCs provided the number of read alouds needed during the enrollment window.

3 3 Reminder SBA Test Window Scheduling Districts are NOT required to set the testing schedule on consecutive days during the test window. Students who are not able to take the SBAs on the districts designated test days may take the SBAs on any of the days that follow within the test window. No SBA may be administered prior to April 5 or after April 19, 2010 including any accommodated testing (flexible scheduling) for students with disabilities. Science SBA – A district may apply to test science as early as the Thursday prior to the test window based on the calendar (not school calendar). Applicants must provide evidence that the full 11 day test window has not been utilized in prior years due to circumstances created by mandatory test shipping dates. This rule is in place only for 2009-2010.

4 4 Reminder Labeling Test Books/Answer Booklets All test books and answer booklets must have a label applied before the test books are used by students. Test books/answer booklets that do not have a precode label or district/school label will be considered unused and will NOT be scored. Manual scoring of test books will be at district expense ($150/per content area)

5 5 Reminder Adults taking the HSGQE Retest A person, including a person older than school age and holds a Certificate of Achievement, may take the High School Graduation Qualifying Examination (HSGQE) after exiting high school until the person passes the HSGQE [4 AAC 06.771]. Guidance has been created to support the process on the HSGQE website.

6 6 Reminder Test in – Enrolled in Test students in the grade they are enrolled Returning tenth graders – test on Grade 10 SBA/HSGQE Necessary for AYP purposes EED will suppress any HSGQE subjects where student is proficient from prior testing. True for all grades regarding SBA

7 7 Reminder Clarification of HSGQE Waivers 1. The Late Arrival and Rare and Unusual Circumstances waivers require the students take the HSGQE. If they do not pass, they are waived from passing. The regional school board may not grant a waiver until the students final semester of attendance before graduation. 2. After HSGQE scores are posted, identify students who need the waiver. Avoid sending in waivers at the start of the year. If a student passes, rescind the waiver and contact EED.

8 8 Update Clarification of HSGQE Waivers Passed another states competency exam waiver does not require the student take the HSGQE. Check listing on website (EED provided updated list) Diligence in determining an equal assessment Regional school board can grant at any point of year

9 9 Update Rescore Requests HSGQE Rescore Results Administration No Change in Proficiency Change in Proficiency Content Area CTBFall 03420 CTBSp. 04531Writing CTB FormFall 04482Reading, Math CTB FormSp. 058332 Math, 1 Reading CTB Mirrored FormFall 05750 DRC New FormSp. 06892Math DRCFall 06850 DRCSp. 07211Math DRCFall 0720Writing, Math DRCSp. 08141Writing DRCFall 08281Math DRCSp. 09322Writing, Math DRCFall 0920Writing, Math Total 57413 Percent 2.3%

10 10 Update Rescore Requests Spring 09 Fall 09 ScoreRequests ScoreRequests Reading Proficient = 287 5 Math Proficient = 32833321Proficient = 328 1 Writing Proficient = 30430710 Proficient = 304 1 Total 36Total 2 Numbers after spring DTC training 2009

11 11 New Accommodations DVD and CD Spring 2010 DVD for hearing impaired (Grade 10 SBA - HSGQE & Retest) Ordered at the time of enrollment Can also be ordered through additional orders Starting fall 2010- CDs will replace cassette tapes Must be ready – does your district have the equipment? Computers can be used to read the CD – AND districts must be diligent not to let students receive other undocumented accommodations/modifications through the technology.

12 12 New Demographic page for science Accommodations listed on the science SBA. 1. OSEP - Evidence the state monitors to ensure districts comply with IDEA requirements for testing accommodations in statewide assessments. 2. ESEA - Evidence that the state monitors the availability and implementation of accommodations for use during assessments (includes LEP students and students with disabilities). 3. ESEA - Evidence that the use of accommodations yields meaningful scores.

13 13 New Practice Tests and ACFA New items for the Alaska Computerized Formative Assessment (ACFA)in fall 2010 Writing items – conventions only - Grades 3-10 Science items – grades 4, 8, and 10 New practice test for Grade 10 SBA/HSGQE in spring 2011 Half a form Items will be from a released form

14 14 New Pilot Computerized Assessment SBA computerized assessment pilot grades 4 and 8, week April 19-23. Talking points available to distribute Training for DTCs – WebEx March 22, at 3:30 More details to follow closer to the WebEx

15 15 New Consequential Validity Study How has the Assessment System impacted instruction? Survey to answer questions for math, reading, writing and science 240 teachers – common-core comparison cohort and content review/bias cohort 500 parents and 500 students DTCs share survey with administration Targeting teacher conference dates

16 16 New Accommodated Materials Large Print Protractors and rulers are shrink wrapped with the large print test materials. Braille Protractors and rulers are shrink wrapped with the Braille test materials.

17 17 New Return materials packet ADS Return Packet will be included with your DRC Return Materials Packet District box Three separate packets 1. HSGQE and Grade 10, 2. SBA reading, writing and math, and 3. SBA science

18 18 New Audio Training for DTCs Those who did not attend will participate in an audio training March 2, 2010 at 3:30 Conference line will be emailed to everyone All can participate Please download BridgIT from the state website

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