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Glacier View School Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District – Welcome!

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1 Glacier View School Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District – Welcome!

2 Introduction to Our School Representatives Grades K-12 Demographics Faculty Multi-aged classrooms GVS history

3 Administrators assist teachers in overseeing the support and progress of students. Staff awareness of assessment data Professional development Support of teacher-leaders Program support

4 Teachers collaborate with one another regarding student learning. Grade level assessments Review and use of assessment data Using data to inform instructional practices at the building, classroom, and individual student levels

5 Teachers take instructional action after evaluation of assessment results. Multiple data points, frequent review Confirmation of observations Title I funding decisions – Promethean Boards – Rubrics – 6+1 Writing Traits – Continued differentiation and re-teaching for mastery

6 Teachers use diverse instructional strategies to increase learning for all students. Multi-age, multi-grade – Advantages – Disadvantages Varied instructional strategies Technology

7 School culture embraces high expectations for students and staff. Academic expectations Behavioral expectations Instructional expectations

8 MSBSD working toward alignment of standards and curriculum. Guaranteed and Viable Existing GVS Curricula – K-12 Saxon Math – K-2 SRA Reading Mastery District Audit – Findings – Actions

9 A safe, orderly, and supportive learning environment is provided for students. Facility opened in 1996 Students show pride No vandalism

10 A consistent building-wide behavior standard and discipline plan for students is in place. Longevity of staff and students Glacier View Magic No one has the right to interfere with the education of others Strong administrator support High expectations Positive reinforcement

11 Our schedule maximizes learning time. Core academics in a.m. – Math 1 st – Language arts / Social Studies / Science Electives and active classes in p.m. – Music a strong focus – P.E. – Culinary Arts – Art – Technology – Correspondence Lunchtime library After school tutoring Teacher availability Sporting events with minimum disruption

12 Parents and community members are deeply involved in supporting the students and the schools learning environment.

13 Volunteers – never too many – Mentors – Guest instructors – Library support – Community newspaper – Involved PTO

14 Communications Classroom newsletter School website I-Cue Phone & E-mail Informal conversation High parent-teacher conference attendance

15 Projects Fundraising for Europe trips Community Band Sports Support Love of Reading Week Wilderness Survival

16 Thank you for your time!

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