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Limited English Proficiency Assessment

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1 Limited English Proficiency Assessment
Presentation for New District Test Coordinators September 2007, Anchorage, Alaska Janet Valentour Alternative & ELP Assessment Program Manager, Department of Education & Early Development

2 You Need to Know… What are the acronyms? Who is involved?
When does it take place? How will it impact you?

3 What are the acronyms… ELP – English Language Proficiency
LEP – Limited English Proficient IPT – IDEA Proficiency Test ELL – English Language Learner ESL – English as a Second Language

4 Who is involved… ELP test coordinators have been assigned in your district responsible for administering the IDEA Proficiency Test (IPT) developed by Ballard & Tighe, distributed and scored by Pearson. Responsible for training IPT test administrators within the district. Limited English proficient (LEP) pupils 4 AAC They are identified within 30 days after the start of the year. The are tested annually using the State approved ELP assessment, the IPT. They are exited after receiving an overall proficient score on the IPT. They are monitored for two years after exiting services.

5 When do things happen… September -ELP test coordinator training in Anchorage October -order IPT test materials based on district enrollment -submit a file for pre-id labels January -receive shipment of IPT materials -train district personnel to administer the IPT February -Start of test window (Feb 1 – March 31) March -end of test window -return completed tests for scoring May -student 2008 reports posted for districts to distribute

6 How will this impact you…
It should not impact you directly. You might be asked to be the ELP test coordinator for your district. You might be asked to assist the ELP test coordinator with receiving and shipping test materials.

7 Know where the answers are…
The Department’s website is available to districts FAQs Lastest memorandums Updated materials ELP guidance for teachers and coordinators

8 Department Support Janet Valentour, ELP Assessment Program Manager,
, Janacie Peters, Assessment Clerk, ,

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