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Overview of the application process for Secondary School.

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1 Overview of the application process for Secondary School

2 Choosing a Secondary School ‘Transfer to Secondary School’ brochure online in September Consider the school that you would like your child to attend and the reasons why Talk to your child about which school they would like to attend and the reasons why View Ofsted inspection reports online Check performance tables

3 Choosing a Secondary School Request a prospectus from the school Ensure you attend the schools’ open days and open evenings with your child (dates can be found in your brochure) Consider your child’s skills and interests Give your child lots of encouragement, praise and reassurance during the transition process and throughout Year 6 Seek help and advice if needed

4 Applying for Secondary School Complete the Common Application Form (CAF) which can be found inside the brochure or apply online Name up to 6 schools in order of preference (this can include your catchment school) A Supplementary Information Form (SIF) must be completed for Foundation or Faith schools (also found inside the brochure)

5 Common Application Form Include any additional details on the CAF that you feel may help your application:  e.g. any siblings who are currently attending the secondary school  any serious medical or psychological condition that affects your child that you would like to be considered. (documentary evidence from a GP or specialist must be submitted for this)

6 Supplementary Information Form A CAF and SIF are required if applying to: Canon Palmer High School The Chadwell Heath Foundation School Ilford Ursuline High School King Solomon High School Mayfield School Trinity High School Either of the Redbridge grammar schools

7 Private School Applications Applications for private or independent schools should not be listed as one of the six named schools on your CAF form A private or independent school should be noted on the form as an additional choice along with your six named schools

8 Grammar School Applications Applications to Woodford County High School (for girls) and Ilford County High School (for boys) should be named on the CAF. A SIF should also be completed Pupils are expected to take the Redbridge grammar school selection test (11+) 120 places are available at each school and allocation is based on the results of the 11+

9 Out of Borough Applications Pupils who live in Redbridge but wish to apply for a school outside the borough must submit a CAF to Redbridge Pupils who do not live in Redbridge should complete and submit a CAF to the borough in which they live A SIF should also be submitted to the borough where necessary

10 Out of Borough Applications If you are applying for West Hatch (in Essex) you also need to apply for schools in Redbridge.

11 Special Educational Needs Children with a statement of special educational needs will be admitted to the school that is named on their statement The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) will support parents’ through the application process if their child has a statement of special educational needs Seven Kings, Caterham and Beal are the three mainstream secondary schools with specialist provision in the borough

12 Admissions Criteria Comprehensive school places are allocated based on the following criteria: SEN children LAC children Medical or psychological grounds Catchment area (for on time applications) Catchment area (for late applications)

13 Admissions Criteria A linked catchment school Siblings who attend the same school Late applicants with a sibling who attends the school On time applicants who are outside the catchment area Late applicants who are outside the catchment area

14 Deadline for Applications All applications need to be submitted no later than 31st October 2014 Online applications open from 1 st September Offer letters will be issued on 2 nd March 2015 Late applicants will be considered after 1 st March 2015 Appeals will be heard from May - July 2015 (Instructions on how to appeal will be outlined in your offer letter)

15 Additional Information For Ofsted inspection reports go to: For Performance tables go to: For transport arrangements go to Travel awards, uniform awards and school meals may also be available free of charge for some pupils telephone 020 8708 3123 to check eligibility

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