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The Geography, People, and Cultures of Africa World Studies.

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1 The Geography, People, and Cultures of Africa World Studies

2 Africa Africa is the 2 nd largest continent in both land area and population after Asia. Approx. 1 billion people live in Africa. The continent is made up of a diverse mix of human, physical and political features.

3 Some misconceptions about Africa 1. Everyone lives in poverty/ has a disease. 2. Everyone is black. 3. Most Africans share the same culture. 4. Most people live in rural areas. 5. Africa is a country. 6. Africa is dangerous. Nairobi, Kenya

4 Political Africa Africa is made up of 54 countries. The countries vary in terms of language, ethnicity, religion, government, economy, and level of wealth.

5 Regions of Africa

6 Physical Africa  Africa is made up of a variety of physical features including:  rivers (Nile, Congo)  lakes (Victoria)  deserts (Sahara, Kalahari)  mountains (Atlas)  The continent also has many natural resources including minerals, oil, gold, and diamonds.

7 The Sahara Desert (N. Africa)

8 The Nile River

9 Break #1 Take 2 mins to review w/ your partner How many countries are in Africa? What are the main regions in Africa? What are the major physical features of Africa?

10 Religion in Africa Christianity (40- 45%)and Islam (40- 45%) are both dominant. Approx. 15% practice traditional Animist religions. Has led to conflict in certain areas of Africa (Ex. Nigeria)

11 Language in Africa Between 1,000 and 2,000 languages are spoken in Africa. Many Africans speak one or more African languages, as well as a European language. Major African languages: Swahili, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Berber, Hausa. Major non-African languages: English, French, Arabic.


13 Break #2 With your partner, discuss the following: What two religions are most common in Africa? What are some common non-African languages spoken in Africa?

14 Desertification in Africa What is it? Land borders a desert becomes drier over time and eventually becomes a part of the desert. Like a receding hairline! Major problem in the Sahel region, just south of the Sahara desert. Humans can cause desertification

15 The Sahel


17 Climates of Africa- Savanna The African continent is made up of 4 major climate zones. Tropical Wet and Dry Savanna- Grassland with scattered trees and bushes. Enough rain to support some farming but when it does not rain, drought occurs. Makes up about 50 % of Africa. Most Africans live here.

18 Climates of Africa- Desert Desert is extremely dry, unable to support most forms of life. Two major deserts in Africa include the Sahara and the Kalahari. Desert makes up about 40 % of Africa.

19 Climates of Africa- Rainforest Tropical Wet Dense, hot, and humid forest located along the equator. 60-120 inches of rain/ year Soil is bad due to leaching. About 10% of Africa is rainforest.

20 Climates of Africa- Mediterranean Northern coast and Southern tip of Africa Similar to LA, Cali. Good farming conditions Very small amount of total land.

21 Africa’s Climate Zones

22 Vegetation in Africa

23 Environmental challenges facing Africa Deforestation Desertification Drought Pollution

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