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SAFE SEX!! How do I know what is good for me, my partner and my relationship?

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1 SAFE SEX!! How do I know what is good for me, my partner and my relationship?

2 What is Safe Sex? Contraception is the term associated with what we call “Safe Sex.” Contraception is the prevention of the male sperm uniting with the female ovum. There are many different methods and vary in; availability, side effects, convenience and reliability.

3 What is Safe Sex? It is important that you are informed about your contraceptive choices. Contraception is not only a barrier for pregnancy but also a barrier for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s). Always remember that “any sexual practice MUST BE consentual.”

4 Condoms are rubber sheaths that are placed over the penis to stop semen from entering the vagina. It must be rolled onto an erect penis before sexual intercourse occurs. ** REMEMBER: A new condom MUST be used each time intercourse is repeated. Condoms

5 The Contraceptive Pill is for females and is full of hormones that prevent ovulation and thicken mucus so it is more difficult for sperm to enter the uterus. One pill must be taken everyday and if one pill is missed in the month then the woman has a risk of becoming pregnant. The Oral Contraceptive Pill

6 Is simply not engaging in sexual intercourse. You and your partner can still engage in other sexual activities such as; hugging, kissing and touching. Abstinence

7 Hormonal Injections such as Depro-Vera are a contraceptive birth control that is injected by a doctor every three months. This injection is loaded with high levels of progestogen which stop follices from developing and also stop the egg from being released. Hormone Injection

8 This barrier contraceptive provides protection against STI’s as well as unwanted pregnancy. The Female Condom is worn internally by the female and physically blocks semen released into the vagina. Female Condom

9 This shallow rubber cap is a barrier method of contraception for women. The diaphragm fits over the cervix and vaginal muscles hold the barrier in place. It stops the sperm from entering the uterus and joining with an egg. Diaphragm’s need to be measured and fitted by a doctor and are used with spermicides before insertion. Diaphragm

10 A short-rod containing hormones is inserted into a woman’s upper arm. The rod contains enough hormones to be released over a three year period. The implanon maintains the body’s ability to stop egg release. Implanon

11 An I.U.D is a small device which is inserted into a woman’s uterus by a doctor. An I.U.D makes it hard for an embyro to implant in the uterus. It also reduces the number and life of sperm and also affects the movement of eggs. Intra-Uterine Device

12 Spermicides are creams, jellies or foams that kill sperm before they reach the egg. Spermicides are often used with other forms of contraception such as diaphragms or condoms as they are not highly reliable on their own. Spermicide

13 The Rhythm Method shows a female the days of her menstrual cycle that are safe and unsafe to have sex. The ‘unsafe’ days are considered the three days before and during ovulation and the four days after. This method is not recommended as prediciton is difficult due to irregular cycles. Rhythm or Billing Method

14 Surgical techniques such as vasectomies and tubal ligations stop a person’s ability to reproduce. This method of contraception is usually seen with people who already have children or do not want children at all. Professional consultation should be sought as in many cases they cannot be reversed. Sterilization

15 Pregnancy may still be avoided following unprotected sex. Within a certain time frame the female may seek the local doctor or chemist and purchase a Morning After Pill. The success of the pill depends on the amount of time lapsed between the unprotected sex and the ingestion of the pill. Morning After Pill

16 MYTHS There are two methods of contraception that are considered myths. This is due to their failure to stop unwanted pregnancy. DOUCHING: to wash out the vagina after engaging in sexual intercourse WITHDRAWAL: the male takes his penis out of the vagina before he ejaculates. The penis can leak sperm before ejaculation and relies on the self-control of the male.

17 The only form of contraception that is 100% effective is ‘ABSTINENCE” therefore the combination of contraception can be highly beneficial. For example; condoms & contraceptive pill or diaphragms and spermicides. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE!

18 Contraception is not just one person’s responsibility in the relationship. A relationship is about two people making decisions together REMEMBER!

19 QUIZ 1. What Is meant by the term ‘safe sex?’ 2.Who is responsible for contraception in your relationship? 3.Give two uses for contraceptives? 4.Can spermicides be used with other contraceptives? Which ones?

20 QUIZ 5. What is the ONLY contraceptive method that offers 100% pregnancy protection? 6. How many pills are in one month of the Oral Contraceptive Pill pack? 7. Is the Male Condom the only condom on the market? 8. What is a barrier?

21 QUIZ 9. What are the two methods that must be inserted by a doctor? 10. What are the two forms of sterilization? 11. Why is the Rhythm Method considered unreliable? 12. The diaphragm is designed to sit over which part of the body?

22 QUIZ 13.What are the two forms of ‘sterilization?’ 14.What are the two methods considered a ‘safe sex’ myth? 15.Why might these two methods be considered myths? Now tally up and ask yourself…. “HOW INFORMED ARE YOU WITH SAFE SEX?”

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