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TelePharmacy in Minnesota

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1 TelePharmacy in Minnesota
Many Models

2 After hours order entry is a good thing for a small hospital Pharmacist
Medication orders are reviewed and entered into our patient care system Allergies are entered, MAR’s are printed, problems orders are handled if necessary Morning “clean up” is much quicker Patients get morning meds sooner

3 Pharmacy Automation makes it better
We don’t have Acudose/Pyxis/Omnicell cabinets With cabinets nurses rarely needs to enter Pharmacy at night New JCAHO medication standard July Only Pharmacists may enter Pharmacy

4 Accurate MARs Computer generated Medication Administration Records are priceless to Nursing after hours Clinical notes appear on MARs to get problem orders clarified

5 TelePharmacy models in MN
Mostly retail Pharmacies Technician at remote site with drugs Audio and Video connection to main Pharmacy Usually share computer system with main Pharmacy Pharmacist does drug use review and checks med and label

6 TelePharmacy models in MN
Usually low volume remote sites Some remote sites have prepacked med that are released from cabinet by main Pharmacy Drop stations where prescriptions are picked up and patients counseled face to face or by phone

7 TelePharmacy models in MN
Prepacked meds are taken to remote clinic sites and dispensed by Physicain/provider Instymed machines in ERs and clinics are considered Physician dispensing

8 Board of Pharmacy Our primary role is to protect the public
Telepharmacy should not replace the face to face interactions of a Pharmacist and patient. Technology and the marketplace change much faster than legislation and regulation

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