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ABI Instructions- Setting up your Gradebooks *skip to slide 10 for setting up a new quarter By Sarah Rosenkrantz

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1 ABI Instructions- Setting up your Gradebooks *skip to slide 10 for setting up a new quarter By Sarah Rosenkrantz

2 Click the BLUE to open your class sections Click on the first class section (do not use the multiple sections option. Then click next.

3 - Add the Quarter to the Description (Q1) - Change the Term to 1 - Change End Date to a few days past the end of the Quarter - Repeat this process for ALL sections

4 Gradebook Maintenance - now that all sections are loaded, work through the Gradebook maintenance tabs - starting with Link Gradebooks – use this option to link classes where ALL of the assignments will be EXACTLY the same.

5 Enters/Leaves & Manage students - Use the prompts from the Enters/Leaves tab to import all of your students - Then click Manage Students to make sure they were all imported correctly

6 Final Marks & Scales (optional) edit these choices to match your grading preferences. Be sure to communicate this to parents.

7 Assignment Types - you can choose weighted or un-weighted scoring. Decide on Codes and descriptions to use for the year. Linked classes will automatically have the same assignment types.

8 OPTIONS – located in the left hand tool bar. Click through all 3 tabs for EACH Gradebook to make sure they are set to how you want them

9 Using ABI GRADEBOOK MAINTENANCE – When you sign on to the Grade Book the first screen informs you if there are students to add or drop from classes. Take care of this immediately to maintain accurate records. To delete a student permanently change them from DROPPED to DELETE, check the red box at the top of the page and SUBMIT. A student can also be TRANSFERRED with all of their information from one class to another if the classes are linked. MANAGE STUDENTS – Low assign/high assign will allow you to limit the assignments the student is responsible for. FORMS – OPTIONS – current gradebook – SHOW OVERALL MARK with SCORE, RANGE of ASSIGNMENTS to DISPLAY and INCLUDE IN GRADE – Scores by Class = Easiest way to enter multiple scores for multiple students and assignments – Scores by Student= Enter scores and comments for an individual student, multiple assignments – Scores by Assignment Enter scores for one assignment, multiple students with comments To give all students the same grade…DEFAULT SCORE TO – To excuse a student from an assignment and not have it factor into their grade use NA for their score. REPORTS – Assignments by Students This is an individual student report, can be limited to the students you choose and the assignments you want to include – Gradebook Roster – print a student grid – Gradebook Summary – shows what you have entered for a class so far – Assignment Analysis and Final Mark Analysis show information for the class – Progress By Student – includes all of the teachers and classes – PRINTING REPORTS Select the report you want and follow the steps to identify the students and assignments you want to include, then… PREVIEW REPORT – FILE – PRINT – EACH FRAME ON SEPARATE PAGES – PREVIEW (again) – PRINT GRADE REPORTING – Load From Gradebook – Make sure that ALL students have a LETTER GRADE in the YELLOW COLUMN before you do this, grades can be updated until the window closes You choose the MAX SCORE, Max # Possible should be 0. ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE VISIBLE TO PORTAL

10 ABI Instructions Creating new quarter Gradebooks

11 1. Backup all gradebooks

12 2. Click Restore a Gradebook 3. Click Load Into a New Gradebook

13 4. Select the previous quarter to restore from

14 5. Name (Class + Quarter), Check Assignment Types, Students & Gradebook Options Click Restore

15 6. Repeat Steps 2-5 for all classes

16 7. Go to GRADEBOOK MAINTENANCE – EDIT GRADEBOOKS - click edit for each new GB, change term, start date and end date.

17 8. Link Gradebooks as needed

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