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Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Wellness Program Kick-Off April 9, 2007.

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1 Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Wellness Program Kick-Off April 9, 2007

2 Employer Wellness Program Participate in Healthy Minnesota-National Governors Employer Wellness Toolkit Twelve Week Program -Kick-Off – April 9 -End Date – June 29 -Assess Program at August 1 Staff Retreat

3 Overall Program Goal Give employees an assessment of their overall health and potential health risks Give employees the tools to make positive changes to their current diet and exercise programs.

4 Employer Wellness Program Program Focus: -Two avenues – physical and nutrition -Provided materials -Pedometer -Workbook -Incentives -Pre-test

5 Physical Goal: –Increase educational awareness about the benefits of exercise. –Motivate employees toward making positive health behavior changes. –Encourage staff to increase their daily physical activity.

6 10,000 Steps Campaign Physical Objective -To implement the 10,000 steps campaign. Benefits of Walking: -Reduce blood cholesterol -Lower blood pressure -Increase cardiovascular endurance -Boost bone strength -Burn calories and keep weight down -Promote psychological well being

7 10,000 Steps a Day First Week: Track daily steps over a 7 day period. Return activity journal to Mary. Every week, turn in your activity journal

8 Example Over the next 12 weeks, work to increase the amount. - whether its 10% or more each week.

9 Pulse & Target Heart Rate Data from American Heart Association 220 - your age = Max Heart Rate Target Heart Rate: Take 60%-85% of this max to find your range. If you are working 60-80% (up to 85% for very fit people) of your max heart rate, that is a good range for most people trying to lose weight or maintain good health.

10 Pulse & Target Heart Rate Example: (for a 20 year old) -220-20=200 Maximum Heart Rate -200 x.6=120 beats/min, 200 x.85=170 beats/min. In this case, the Target Heart Rate range would be 120-170 beats/min. -To find your current beats/min, find your pulse on your neck or wrist. Count the number of beats in 6 seconds and multiply by 10. Compare this to the range for your Target Heart Rate.

11 American Heart Association AgeTarget Heart Rate Maximum Heart Rate (beats per minute) 20 years100–170 200 25 years98–166 195 30 years95–162 190 35 years93–157185 40 years90–153 180 45 years88–149 175 50 years85–145 170 55 years83–140 165 60 years80–136 160 A few high blood pressure medications lower the maximum heart rate and thus the target zone rate. If you're taking such medicine, call your physician to find out if you need to use a lower target heart rate.

12 Nutrition Goal: –(Re)-Introduce staff to the New Food Pyramid. –Provide tools to assess current eating habits. –Educate staff on optional choices for healthier foods.

13 Wellness Program Week One: Track activity and eating habits in journals. Week Two: Set Personal goals. Topic: Benefits of Water in your diet. Week Three: Topic: Portion Sizes

14 Wellness Program Week Four: Topic: Fruits and Vegetables Week Five: Topic: Facts about Fats & Sweets Week Six: Topic: Dairy Products Mid-Point Check In

15 Wellness Program Week Seven: Topic: Meats & Proteins Week Eight: Topic: Healthy Shopping Week Nine: Topic: Grains

16 Wellness Program Week Ten: Topic: Myths and Facts Week Eleven: Topic: Fast Foods & Eating Out Week Twelve: Topic: Evaluation

17 Wellness Communications Weekly: - Email on topic of the week -Educational materials will be left in your in-box -Examples of the weekly topic in lunch room Web site for additional information:

18 Post Evaluation Evaluate program Did the tools make a difference? Have I made the commitment to make changes either nutrition or physical? What incented me to make the change? Will I continue? What should the Chambers role be?

19 Today First Step: Confidential Health Risk Assessment -Opportunity to learn/reaffirm your health risk(s) and take action -HealthAdvantage (biometric & history review). Confidential results will be mailed to your home. -3 ring binder and pedometer twelve week nutrition and activity journal physical and nutrition guide.

20 Wellness Committee Mary Bethke Mark Blaiser M.E. Head Julie Lulich Joan Rausch

21 Questions/Suggestions

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