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Five Parts of a Narrative

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1 Five Parts of a Narrative

2 Grabber Something the pull the reader into the story from the very beginning. Examples: Mystery, shocking statement, conversation, rhetorical question, funny statement…

3 Problem or Challenge This is the conflict of the story. Example: man vs. self, man vs. man, man vs. nature. Something has to go wrong for the story to be interesting. It should seem possible to the reader. It should also center around your main character.

4 Action Characters go about trying to find a solution to the problem, challenge or conflict. The action should keep the story moving at a quick pace – not slow it down. It should be centered around the main character.

5 Solution The conflict, challenge or problem is resolved. This must be something that satisfies the reader.

6 Ending What happens to the main characters? What did he or she learn, and how has his or her life changed?

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