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The Clothing and Conditions in Shakespeare’s Time

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1 The Clothing and Conditions in Shakespeare’s Time

2 The Clothing – Men’s Men’s clothing was as colorful as the ladies’.
Men’s clothing was similar to a suit of armor. Men dressed to impress.

3 Doublet Jackets worn over waistcoats

4 Trunk Hose Stuffed with rags and old papers; covered the upper thighs

5 Ruff Fancy ruffle around the neck; became so large that Queen Elizabeth had to limit their size.

6 Hats It was important to tip your hat.

7 Women’s Clothing Women wanted their clothing to look that they had broad shoulders, wide hips, and slim waists. Women’s dresses were not made as one garment. Women also dressed to impress.

8 Bodice Made the waist and ribcage look smaller

9 Waistcoats Blouses with laces that held up a petticoat

10 Ruffs Fancy ruffle around the neck

11 Platform Shoes Were high to help the women’s dresses stay clean (off the ground)

12 Farthingales/French Rolls
Underskirts and structures to give the skirt a poof

13 The Conditions Bathing People only bathed once per year.
Doctors worried about Queen Elizabeth because she bathed once a month.

14 The Conditions Entertainment People liked blood
Examples of this were public hangings, rooster fights, dog fights, and bear-bating.

15 The Conditions Sanitation People dumped garbage into the streets.
People thought that disease was spread by bad smells. Women carried flowers & spices to sniff when a bad smell came their way.

16 The Conditions Schooling
Most girls stayed at home and learned housekeeping. Boys went to school from age 7 – 15 and studied Latin and math. There were no spelling rules.

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