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Equality and Diversity Audit 2012 Rosie Qureshi Equality and Diversity Support and Advice Officer.

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1 Equality and Diversity Audit 2012 Rosie Qureshi Equality and Diversity Support and Advice Officer

2 Equality Act 2010 – brought all the protected characteristics under one piece of legislation and expanded the list of those protected to include Maternity, Marriage/Civil Partnership and Gender Reassignment The University, alongside other public organisations, has to show how it is meeting the General Duty of the Act. Eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by the Equality Act; Advance equality of opportunity between those who share a protected characteristic and those who do not; Foster good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not by tackling prejudice and promoting understanding. Context

3 The University’s reputation - a good reputation attracts talent from all communities, helping to meet service delivery needs staff recruitment and retention - valuing diversity enables the University to recruit and retain the best people for the job productivity - staff perform better in the University when it demonstrates that it values diversity and is committed to employees' well being mitigating the University’s risks - effective diversity management limits the risk of legal challenges and costly awards to both the institution and the individual Business Case

4 For the past two years the University has participated in delivering on the Stonewall Index which looks at the University in relation to the support it gives its LGBT staff. Whilst this has been very successful (reaching 21 in the top 100) it has highlighted a lack of progress in other areas of diversity; This was further highlighted with the results from the all staff questionnaire that was carried out on the impact of the staff networks in March 2012 Background

5 It was agreed at the Equality and Diversity Advisory Group in March 2012 that we would not enter the Stonewall Index this year but would use the opportunity to do a full E&D audit within the University looking at the protected characteristics The audit is looking at staff primarily, with exceptions being in questions directed to the Schools/Colleges and Student Life Background

6 The questionnaire is based around the Stonewall Index questionnaire and the E&D audit questionnaire devised by HEEON It is broken down by different categories The time period for collation of data is 2010/11 The time period for all other evidence is Sept 2011 – August 2012 Questionnaire

7 Employee Policy Diversity Champions Learning, Development and Support Monitoring Procurement Colleges/Schools Networks Role Models Engagement Recruitment Communication Student Life Categories

8 Example of questions as submitted to Stonewall PART 1 | POLICY AND PRACTICE 1. A) Organisation-wide equality and diversity policy that bars discrimination based on, and specifically referring to, sexual orientation 1A) you have indicated that you have an organisation-wide equality and diversity policy. Please cut and paste the relevant sections on sexual orientation below or alternatively provide us with a URL link to your policy along with indications of where to look for any relevant passages on sexual orientation: Question - Example

9 Following the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor in September 2009, the University, led by the VC has re-evaluated its approach to equality and diversity to ensure that this agenda is at the heart of organisational life. This has been articulated and reinforced through a new strategy which has re-emphasised the need to listen and act on the valuable work of our staff networks including the LGBT network. The following text is the University's Equality & Diversity Policy: "The University is committed to and strives for equality of opportunity for all its students and staff (existing and prospective) and will recognise and celebrate their diversity. For this statement and strategy to be made a reality effective leadership and management will be provided and a corresponding commitment sought from every member of staff and all the student body. In practice this means that we: are committed to providing an environment where all people are respected and treated fairly regardless of irrelevant characteristics or distinctions such as: gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, socio-economic group / background, religious belief / faith, political belief or affiliation, marital status, family responsibilities and sexual orientation; will develop a culture in which diversity is celebrated; will not discriminate unfairly or illegally against anyone and will take positive action to promote equality and diversity; embed equality and diversity at the heart of our mission and values, including action against individuals who behave in a discriminatory manner." This statement can also be accessed on: (see evidence item 1A (i)). Answer

10 The audit is evidence based Not all questions are yes/no answers, however, all the PCs that are included in your answers must be ticked There will be a central location on the internet for all questionnaires and evidence to be filed Once collated HRD and GSU will be responsible for pulling all the information together and reporting on the results to the Vice Chancellor and EDAG Evidence

11 There will be an all staff questionnaire looking at Equality and Diversity Issues The results will be fed into the final report of the audit Staff Questionnaire

12 Audit, report and recommendations will go to the Executive The recommendations will then be built into the University’s overall equality and diversity action plan which is monitored by the Equality and Diversity Advisory Group chaired by the Vice Chancellor Council will receive a copy of the report and action plan Next Steps

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