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Solving multi-step equations

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1 Solving multi-step equations
Chapter 2: Section 2 Solving multi-step equations

2 Remember our goal… When we solve equations we want to isolate the variable to discover its value. We want to find out how much the variable equals. Solution of the Equation: the value of the variable that makes the equation true

3 Also, remember our properties of equality…
Addition What you add to one side, you must aslo…? Multiplication If you multiply one side of the equation by a number, you must…?

4 What happens if there is multiplication and addition?
Work backwards- the opposite direction of the order of operations. What’s the additive inverse of -10? 10 Additive identity! Now, we should multiply both sides by which number? In other words: what is the multiplicative inverse of 2? Now check your work and see if it checks out!!!

5 How ‘bout another example?
What is the additive inverse of -6? 6 We get the additive identity! Multiply both sides by 9, why? Now check your work and see if it checks out!!!

6 Now you try

7 Assignment Page 84 Numbers 2-38 even And number 58

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