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Julius Caesar Characters.

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1 Julius Caesar Characters

2 Julius Caesar Roman Emperor Unable to separate public and private life
Believed he was as eternal as the North Star

3 Brutus A Roman senator Leader of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar
Fears Caesar aspires to be a dictator

4 Mark Antony Loyal friend to and supporter of Caesar

5 Cassius A Roman concerned with Caesar’s rise to power
Leader of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar An opportunist

6 Octavius Julius Caesar’s nephew and heir

7 Conspirators with Brutus
Casca Decius Brutus Cinna Metullus Cimber Trebonius Caius Ligarius

8 Calpurnia Caesar’s wife

9 Portia Brutus’ wife

10 Cinna Poet Fatally confused with Cinna the conspirator


12 An introduction to Julius Caesar
Deals with Roman generals and the life and times of ancient Rome It is a political play about a general who would be king, but who, because of his own PRIDE and AMBITION, meets an untimely death Shakespeare says that good government must be based upon morality.

13 What was going on in Rome during this time?
For centuries, Romans debated and even fought civil wars while trying to decide whether a MONARCHY, a REPUBLIC, or a DICTATORSHIP was the best form of government.

14 A timeline based on real events
100 B.C. 60 B.C B.C. 44 B.C. 0 B.C Rome was a democracy a triumvirate (a three-man rule) Caesar was made Shakespeare writes of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey Governor of Gaul Julius Caesar was formed to govern Rome.

15 5 Acts Acts 1 and 2- deal with conspiracy against Caesar
Act 3- the climax of the play with Caesar’s death Act 4- consequences of the plot Act 5- the fate of the assassins

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