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2 Involuntary Muscles Muscles that are not under your conscious control. Examples - heart, muscles used for breathing


4 Voluntary Muscles Muscles that are under your conscious control. Examples – smiling, turning a page in a book, and standing up.


6 Skeletal Are attached to the bones of your skeleton and provide the force that moves your bones. They are Striated Striated - banded

7 Smooth Involuntary muscles such as those in your stomach that aid in digestion.

8 Cardiac Found in your heart. It is involuntary, and striated.

9 Contraction Muscle cells can only contract, not extend, so skeletal muscles must work in pairs. While one contracts the other muscle relaxes to its original length.

10 Exercise Exercise makes muscle cells grow in size. As a result, the whole muscle becomes thicker, and therefore stronger.

11 Tendons Tendons are strong connective tissue that connect muscle to bone.


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