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Chapter What happens to Tom Robinson in prison?

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1 Chapter 24 123. What happens to Tom Robinson in prison?
He is shot seventeen times and killed. (p. 235) 124. Why does Alexandra question Atticus’ loyalty to the family? She believes that since Tom is dead Atticus will stop his pursuit of justice. (p. 235)

2 Chapter 25 125. Describe the situation with the roly-poly.
The roly-poly is a symbol of Jem’s growth. He recognizes the value of life in everything whether it be the mockingbird, Tom or a small, insignificant roly-poly. (p. 238)

3 Chapter 25 126. How does the town react to the actions of Tom Robinson? They talk about it for two days then forget. They say it is typical. (p. 240) 127. How does Bob Ewell react to the death of Tom Robinson? He says that it’s one down and two to go. (p. 241)

4 Chapter 26 128. As the children pass the Radley house, they no longer fear him. What does Scout want? Scout simply wants to see him. (p. 242) 129. What discussion angers Jem? Scout talks about her new teacher, Mrs. Gates, who hates Hitler, but is overheard talking badly about the African-American community after the Tom Robinson trial. She says Tom got what he deserved. It illustrates the inability of Maycomb to change. (p )

5 Chapter 27 130. Who does Bob Ewell blame for the loss of his job?
Atticus (p. 248) 131. What does Judge Taylor see on his back porch? a shadow (p. 248) 132. How does Bob Ewell treat Helen? Bob follows her to work, curses her and throws rocks at the children. (p )

6 Chapter 27 133. How does Scout dress from the Halloween pageant?
a ham (p. 253) 134. Who takes Scout to the play? Jem (p. 254)

7 Chapter 28 135. Who scares the children on their way to the pageant?
Cecil Jacobs (p. 255) 136. Why does Scout miss her entrance during the pageant? She has fallen asleep while Mrs. Merriweather was talking. (p. 258) 137. How does Scout feel about missing her entrance? She is embarrassed. This causes her to wait with Jem until everyone has left the school. The two then walk home alone. (p. 259)

8 Chapter 28 138. What do the children hear on their way home?
They hear footsteps behind them. The footsteps stop each time the children stop walking. (p. 260) 139. Describe the attack on the children. Bob Ewell stalks the children through the woods. He attempts to kill both Jem and Scout. He breaks Jem’s arm and knocks him out. Bob is killed by Boo Radley who is protecting the children. (p )

9 Chapter 28 140. When Scout reaches her feet, what does she in the light moving towards the Finch home? She sees a figure carrying Jem towards the Finch home. (p. 262) 141. Describe Jem’s injuries. Jem has a broken arm and is unconscious. (p. 264) 142. When Heck Tate arrives, what does he reveal? Heck reveals that Bob Ewell is dead and his body is lying in the woods with a knife between his ribs. (p. 266)

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