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My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close

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1 My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close
Emily Dickinson

2 My life closed twice before its close---
It yet remains to see If Immortality unveil A third event to me So huge, so hopeless to conceive As these that twice befell Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell.

3 Poem Analysis There are only two stanzas in this poem but a lot to be said. Her partings we believe to represent sins. And partings are your pathway to hell, and what you attempt to not do on your journey to heaven. In the poem, the word “Immortality” is the only word that is not the beginning of a line that is capitalized. It represents the after life and a new event for you to experience but it remains covered and unseen.

4 Literary Elements Personification— Immortality unveiling an event.
Metaphor– Event closing out her life before she actually dies. Her last acts before death’s door.

5 Poem Structure 2 stanzas, 4 lines per 8 lines in total
Rhyme scheme of A,B,C,B D,E,F,E

6 The Grass Emily Dickinson

7 The grass so little ahs to do-
A sphere of simple green, With only butterflies to brood, and bees to entertain, And stir all day to pretty tunes The breezes fetch along, And hold the sunshine in its lap And bow to everything; And thread the dews all night, like pearls, And make itself so fine,-- A duchess were too common For such a noticing. And even when it dies, to pass In odours so divine, As lowly spices gone to sleep, Or amulets of pine And then to dwell in sovereign barns, And dream the days away,-- The grass so little has to do, I wish I were the hay!

8 Poem Overview 5 stanzas, 2 lines per 10 total lines calm mood
beauty in the simplicity of nature

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