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2 We can get electricity from a battery or the mains.
Electricity will flow around a circuit like water through a pipe. This is the current. Instead of water there are charged particles called electrons flowing around the wires. Current is the flow of charge.


4 Electricity travels from the power source, such as a battery, round a series of conductors (the circuit) back to the power source.

5 If there is a gap in the circuit - no electricity will flow.



8 We draw a circuit diagram which uses symbols instead of pictures.
Set up this circuit using the boards.

9 Set up a circuit using 2 batteries and 1 bulb.
Draw the circuit diagram. What happened to the bulb? What happens if you turn 1 of the batteries around?

10 Copy and complete the following statements by selecting the correct word from the box.
can can’t negative positive energy complete open closed For a current to flow there must be a ………….circuit. For a current to flow switches must be ………… If there is no gap in a circuit the current ………. Flow. For a circuit to work 2 cells must be connected positive to …… A battery or power pack is a source of electrical ………..

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